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The Dean of Academic affairs at the college last year? She was my supervisor and now I'd like to ask her for a recommendation but she disappeared so suddenly I haven't a clue where she went to or how + 222 more characters
I just ate there the other day and got food poisoning. The Olive's definately not the town's best by any means I'm afraid. And just because Miles City is small doesn't mean it has to turn a blind eye + 238 more characters
When you take an oath with the government, it's a pretty spooky procedure if you put your heart in it, and if you don't, I'd bet you'd still feel extremely awkward with the amount of solemnity in the + 705 more characters
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
If you like putting spiders up and all that, the ROCKS Haunted House in the Omni Center (part of the complex with Bo Jangles in it) is in need of more workers that can help out. The House opens on Fri + 174 more characters
Reminder: This is going on this Saturday! Tell all your friends!
Good point. And I'd totally forgotten about this too: url Looks like we'd all better get used to not telling jokes that may offend you-know-who...
Or as the Bush administration at wars in the middle east, katrina relief, not being corrupt, etc...
... You're probably Dick Cheney.
You know, Kimchi may be good, but finding some in America that doesn't taste like McDonalds means making friends with a Korean willing to put the time into making you some. And that means way too much + 597 more characters
Bridgier- No shame in that, I think half the reason to learn a foreign language is the healthy dose of humble pie that goes with it. Thinking back, I'm almost baffled by how many times I've made a foo + 80 more characters
Um, actually, it's Der Junge. It's male. It just looks female cuz of the e ending. Also, Mädchen is only neuter because of the -chen ending which shows it to be small. Die Mädel continues to be for yo + 284 more characters
Just wondering. My German is getting rusty. If there's anyone who can carry on a conversation auf Deutsch living in Miles City I'd love to meet them. My German is fluent, I studied it for 6 years and + 111 more characters
Free Bike Maintenance and Repair Workshop! On the 28th of October from 10-12 AM as part of Make a Difference Day, Pedal Power Sports will be holding a free workshop on bicycle maintenance and repair i + 919 more characters
Hey Michiganders! That would be great. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Well thanks for understanding. The hardest thing we had back home was the neighboring town of Saline which was pronounced "Sah-leen" not "Say-leen", a correction I made for someone once and wound up i + 174 more characters
I should have known, if there's any response to these it's always something about my spelling. My apologies, I guess I haven't been around long enough to stop spelling town names anything but phonetic + 189 more characters
Action for Eastern Montana, based in Glenn Dive, is currently looking to find a group of volunteers in Miles City who would be able to go out and assist those who cannot weatherize their own homes. Th + 554 more characters
Good thing work will make us free? I don't get it.
Not entirely true. Your job can still dictate a lot of what you do, especially if you work for the government. I've lost a job over writing something the higher ups didn't like. And then there's all t + 548 more characters
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