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I am interested also, what time in the am, I can go around 6 depending on how far
how fast do you run and how far?
they say if you hold your thumb up out in front of you at an arms length, and can still see the train cars, you are too close!
we were gone this weekend fencing at my folks place where the ash creek fire was last summer, when we returned this evening, someone had opened the gate on the east side of out place and drove in and + 405 more characters
over 10 inches between broadus and ashland
I will be there, already registered
thinking miles city milers, or just miles milers? any thoughts? still a work in progress,
RE: CASA run 9 years ago
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thank you for posting this
lol thanks Jeff! and to everyone else, keep them comeing! this is great
looking for ideas for a name for the new running/walking club here in miles city, thank you for any ideas!
would be there for sure but had other plans, sorry
there are people of all abilities who have showed interest in this, some who walk and some who run. distance and pace is totally up to each person. there is a run/walk event at 8:30am sat morning. com + 50 more characters
think there will be a group run maybey every week or every other week at door 804. still in the planning stages
run was a great success! think there were 30 to 35 runners and walkers, thank you! and thank you to whoever brought the water and snacks, was great!
group run this sat, at 8:30, at the door 804
curious as to how far you are running and how fast! would be nice to know someone to run with, group runs can also be fun
I would be very interested, there were some people a couple years ago trying to get one going, don't know what happened with it. I also know several people who would be interested
paul faber does
is it 20 dollars for the hole thing? or each night?
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