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no I don't hold grudges life is too short .. we all have our faults no one is perfect, so I don't know why everyone pretends to be ... "poor" in wrong context .. Boatley is a smart guy he knows his li + 72 more characters
that yearbook was actually done by David Rivenes, he was almost expelled for it, but the dean made notice before they had made too many copes. We have the only original copies and there is one in the + 41 more characters
I grew up in miles city and lived in SLC went to Brighton high school .. Would love to visit more I moved back .. Feel free to contact me Suella hughes on Facebook hope to hear from you !
Everyone should leave the poor man alone and call hoarders buried alive if it's such a problem .. Who knew a mans yard could cause so much talk
Not sure if my mom ever reported but we have all the videos of the old radio station .. The spelling b's and guest interviews if you were ever in the spelling b we most likely have you on tape
Agree lived on the east coast for a year and miss the bagels and the late coffee nights with a laptop but Jeremy at the grind has done well with the bagels for miles city ! And I love the banana coff + 91 more characters
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