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Do they still do that? We have laughed how many of us appear to have made bad decisions due to brain damage from following the mosquito truck in the '60's. (I personally hid from it as the smell and + 20 more characters
I'm sorry Hal. I am glad you got to see each other before she passed on. She is lucky to have a son like you. You had a long journey.
Where is Miss Mogle living in MC? Every few weeks she would give an hour + long rant about Castro. I wasn't sure who he was, but I knew when he came, we had to hide in the bomb shelters! Communism was + 180 more characters
Does anyone remember Pooky Ayers? I remember the name, but can't remember who he was... Pooky Ayers lived across from us on Dickinson St by the VA. We played 'kick the can' with his boys Jeff & Doug. + 139 more characters
Chad made the next round and is now representing the Northern USA! He was featured on Fox News last night. Here is the link: url Please vote this round. It is a simple click and means so much to them + 43 more characters
I heard Frank Hardy is in charge of the martinis for all the groups....
It's not a bad bug, but the links in the major image sites have a capital IMG to post an image. Here it is a small img and I imagine many don't know to change it from capital to small letters.
Chad just called and he was told the voting goes thru Sunday @ 11:00 am. You long time friends, neighbors, classmates & posters (ex Chuck Schott, Hal Neumann, Mike Schmitz) need to vote NOW so I can b + 454 more characters
The winner will receive their choice of wedding needs from advertisers including the tuxedos, rings, invitations ect. AND $10,000 toward the honeymoon and other expenses!!!! It is so cool that he got + 297 more characters
Are fees you pay for medical services directly deductible??
Thanks Kacey! How did you happen to know about the contest? Did you vote for Chad without me telling you to please vote for him???? The guy he was up against the 1st time was from Missoula.
Thank you all for the kind words/gifts many of you gave to our family upon our Mother's recent passing. My daughter Marissa is getting married in October. Her fiance is 1 of 8 finalists for Groom of + 1563 more characters
Oh...I should have thought of that. Thanks!
Do you have information of where I can send Francie a card of condolences? I do not know where they are living....They sure knew how to run a hospitality business. Francie was an excellent cook. So ma + 71 more characters
I went to the Bowl skating all winter long. They would fill the hole by pouring water down the 'road' in the SE corner with a fire hose from the top. It would make a river of ice that we would skate d + 766 more characters
I do. My father took me with him in approximately 1968. It was at the Montana Theatre. It was the greatest funniest show and I have been looking for one like it ever since. I remember Ike Grenz was up + 336 more characters
Amorette, I am curious as to the background of your home. Miss Snell rings a bell, but I cannot pull up the memory if I knew of this person. Would you please be so kind as to give the history of your + 637 more characters
"They are tolerant of eccentricities so long as the eccentricity does not overly impinge on them. This type of tolerance reminds me a bit of Miles when I was growing up - it was disappearing then, but + 432 more characters
It appears that the class of 1973 is the largest in the history of the highschool according to the unofficial webposts!
Could people please be on the lookout and announce a 'sighting' if he is spotted? A form of America's Most Wanted without the crime.
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