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As far as I have heard, there was no one killed. There apparently was an incident, but no deaths.
No real information, just a Facebook post from someone who said they thought it was a hazmat situation. you're right, it's a lousy time to shut down Haynes Avenue! Hope everyone is safe.
There is an excellent taekwondo/hapkito/kumdo studio in Glendive, the Eastern Montana Martial Arts Association, instructor Master Karen Ballentine. They have a website as well. It's an hour's drive fr + 352 more characters
Cindy, for now we are meeting at the dining room of the Mental Health Center in Miles City. The meeting time is 5:00 p.m. All concerned community members, consumers of mental health care and those who + 147 more characters
The junior high in Miles City has been highly receptive to suicide education for several years. They have invited speakers to the health classes twice a year for the last three or four years to speak + 906 more characters
Dear Kacey; As the very proud parents of Todd Bergerson, it is with gratitude that we see his name remembered. Haley was also a dear friend of ours, especially of our daughter Becca's. How can they be + 59 more characters
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