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The biggest issue with this post office is it being understaffed!!! Carriers and Clerks are being over worked!!! If there are carriers out there...How many hours are you working a day, a week and do + 49 more characters
You are correct!!! So alot of the complaining should be directed at Billings, mail is processed thru Billings and distributed.
Well its time for some positive experiences!! The post office has improved greatly from years ago and this postmaster has done more than those in the past. I am very happy with my carrier and he seems + 37 more characters
Who does Automobile Deatailing in town?
Too late it was cleaned up Saturday...
Drove by this evening and the Yard looks much better. It would be nice if other yards would get cleaned up also.
How many other....
How me other employees have not spoken up because they know that nothing will happen if they go to HR?
Thanks for posting the link I'm not real good with this computer,
Yet his yard is still mess and the city is doing nothing!!! It is such a joke and this town is laughing about how its being handled by our mayor and city officials.
Same old Same old for Robby. 24th of December was his deadline for cleaning up. Still not done, mayor gets order of protection, Robbie continues to wander around town. He faces no consequences. I und + 198 more characters
Nothing will come of this. The folks won't do anything the last thing they want are cops around and they dont' want to draw attention to themselves that would hurt business...
Its all true...
So is anything being done about this landlord?
If the tenants were in the process of moving their things out why did the landlord feel the need to go over there before everything was moved out? There must be more to this story.
The landlord was wrong and I am sorry that your dog got shot that never should of happened and I hope that you make sure that he is held accountable for it. I am a dog lover so I understand that pain + 18 more characters
Liz you are not being honest, maybe the rent was paid but the property was not being taken care of yard a mess, dogs and cats in house, inside was filthy and people coming and going at all hours of th + 120 more characters
What we don't know is what kind of renters these people were and what condition the property was in,
How does the Garden Club pick the "Yard of the Week"
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