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To just me:If you know who I am than you will know I am a firefighter. And you need to leave me alone. I was the one that started this posting here. If it is because of me that some wrong or bad info + 564 more characters
I am a firefighter and was gathering info for the news. Please see my post "SHOOTING".
every one just calm down. I asked for info and he gave what he had. Don't blame it on Josh. And I see where Kender is coming from too. As to Ann saying that it is confirmed to be the people that Josh + 119 more characters
please refer to the other posting on shooting for more info.
It has been confermed that the victum died at the hospital. Still not sure of the names. Thanks for the input. Hope to have some confirmed names tomarrow for everyone interested. Watch channel 10 news + 19 more characters
Update:The victum I am hearing was the shooters wife. The guy shot her and was then seen sitting on his balcony/portch smoking a ciggerette.
we had a possible fatel shooting tonight at 602 Palmer her in Miles City at around 2115hrs. The victum was taken to Holy Rosery by ambulance with a weak pulse. The susspect was arrested within 45 min + 209 more characters
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