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hay wasnt a was to inform..but a bitch like you that hides behind a fake i will miss spell every thing from know on so you can cry
go blow
did you know that if you mail .after 530. it dont go out till 530 the next day.24 hr late ,,if you live in baker ,our the smaller towns serviced buy the small trucks.that mail needs to be at po by 330 + 149 more characters
john.... hall your dam ass back where you came from ..the people of mc sent you packing so get,what a dumd ass
i thought i was great .. should be horse whipped,,we are trillon in the hole and going more every day..and know he wants to give 2 billon to are a ass,,he needs to GO.
its great .post office is broke .but it can pay for rent and still have to up keep on the old building...and then spend 176.000. to up date the new place .what a fraud the postal system is..there say + 31 more characters
How about Stay out of the county ... we dont need your shit out hear
call laura lee 853-6133----234-8197
call me blake 853-9911
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