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Thanks, I started crying because a photo of my grandson jumped out at me and I didn't want his innocent picture out in cyberspace. You got me on that one! Wow!
Okay, sorry; thanks for responding. I appreciate it.
Bridgier, we shall soon see if it is a pipe fitter; may or may not be, but you are not going to provoke me
Man arrested for vandalism By Elaine Forman One unidentified man, 19, was arrested Tuesday morning in connection with close to 30 reported cases of vandalism involving graffiti that occurred Sunday ni + 1037 more characters
The last laugh is on you!
Josh, I am disappointed that you would write that it could be someone connected to the pipeline. These guys work hard all day, in all elements of weather. They have better things to do then run around + 507 more characters
RE: Regret 13 years ago
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I would go back and do things different with my daughters but I have finally learned and had to accept this is the way it is; the dice have been thrown.
I just now clicked on "TH" and it showed his phone # on ads, maybe that is how the number was found. I agree that was probably not smart.
I thought it was extremely rude for a remark to be made that her husband was seen dropping the dog at the river. That's not a joke to me! Maybe to you.
You are funny Frank!
What about Soughgate road?
We have ours done at ABC Glass who bills our insurance - no expense to us. They are great; they pick up the vehicle and bring it back. Can't get much better than that!
Tongue River Electric (REA)
Are you talking about Tongue River as we live in Southgate and still no electricity.
The animal control picked her up and she is fine. Thanks!
Approx. 15 min. ago a friend's beloved dog was let out of his yard. She is a Border Collie, white and liver with a turquoise collar. The person that owns her has only had her a few months, rescued her + 176 more characters
Most of you are right. I have had excellent service every time I have been there with the exception of one night. I should not have said I would not go back simply because of one bad experience. I wil + 387 more characters
It's nice you took the time to tell me things I already know. Like I said before, one can state their opinion, and get attacked. Bummer but life goes on.
Of course, they greet with "how many?" But while they seat you, they usually say something. We were seated, no hello, (as usual) the guy came back and asked what we wanted to drink. We told him. He to + 374 more characters
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