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Charleen: You might need a little clarification here. If I remember right, I think the NRA banquet is being held at the Eagle CLUB, not Eagles MANOR. I believe Eagles Manor is an assisted living or a + 252 more characters
There was an article in the Billings Gazette last week about a new law recently passed that gives some pretty stiff penalties to folks who vandalize or damage property owned by Fish, Wildlife and Park + 1275 more characters
I agree with cubby. That is a VERY bold statement to say that everyone alive has doen something terrible. I do not claim to be any patron saint, but I can say I for one have never and will never do an + 720 more characters
Roadrunner Catering is great! They've done lots of caterings where I work for meetings, etc. Give Chris a call and visit with her. She's great! Roadrunner Catering 951-0420 [email protected]
I also heard that Main Street Grind is offering some gluten-free items. Does anyone know if this true? I have a good friend who has to be on a strict gluten-free diet and so we were looking forward to + 456 more characters
Well said spacekace! I agree 100%!!! Too many kids in this day and age are used to getting everything handed to them. There are plenty of things to do if you just use a little effort and imagination + 1158 more characters
Mexico Lindo! I have never been disappointed there!!! Great food, friendly and fast service, good prices and lots of food for the money! The Hole In the Wall is my mom's favorite every time she's in t + 122 more characters
I haven't seen them personally, but I have heard very good things about Dr. McMillan, both of them actually, but especially the wife. My boss went saw her a couple weeks ago and said she was very thor + 212 more characters
Relating to what Kelly said, the MCC Centra does not allow children under a certain age, high school-age I think, to be upstairs where all the workout equipment is. I don't know if they're allowed to + 543 more characters
I went to the Ironhorse for the first time since its been the Iron Horse last Thursday and have to say it was quite nice. The service was great and our waitress was very pleasant. The menu has a real + 852 more characters
Sidney does not have website similar to milescity.com.
It is at the Omni Center. I know that for certain. However, I thought it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can anyone provide any official details for this? Thanks!
I agree with Deadwood and Freeks and Geeks. It was a crying shame when HBO canceled Deadwood. I've watched every single episode again on DVD. And I never missed Freeks and Geeks when it was on...even + 182 more characters
We're down to the last 2 days for ticket sales. Very limited number available at the door. Come one come all! Nice guns, gun safe, tools, art, bronzes, all kinds of goodies, will be available through + 49 more characters
Come join us! Get your tickets now! Just a very few available at the door, so don't wait!
Wanted to add some more information about the gun safe donated by Murdoch's: This is a raffle item. Tickets are being sold on it now or can be purchased the night of the banquet. They are $20/each or + 526 more characters
[b]Tongue River Pheasants Forever, Miles City's local chapter, would like to invite folks to come out to their 3rd Annual banquet.[b] March 6th at the Town & Country Club No-host social hour and sile + 736 more characters
This might be a dumb question, but just to be sure... Since the restaurant is closed, does that also mean no more take-and-bake pizzas? Crystal Pistol is some of my favorite pizza in town and I know t + 177 more characters
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