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Mary B. -- I know of no one in ANY occupation who is amongst the lowest paid in the state in their field who believes they are paid a fair salary.
Cash, I cannot comment as to your IQ post, but I do understand that Miles City has the lowest paid police officers and firemen in the state. Miles City has a budget in the black (something that not al + 69 more characters
Thank you for calling me "young". As for being a "lady", I'm afraid my lady would be a bit upset to hear her beloved called a lady.
Tori, I'm sure that he posted during his lunch...just, as according to city employes, as he incessantly views youtube during his "lunch".
Perhaps we should check with those who work directly with the mayor on a daily basis to see what kind of a mayor he is. From reading the newspaper, it seems that pool is getting smaller every week. Mi + 260 more characters
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