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Better they waste time on this than something important.
He finally won a popular vote.
I knew Allan worked as a carnie for some time. He had a way with words, I imagine he was good at it. Some years back, Allan sister, Sally, used to post on mc.com. [Edited by Hal Neumann (2/27/2023 10: + 10 more characters
Yup, that's Allan. I recognized him right away. Thanks for sharing the photo.
Thought they might use Jewish Space Lazers to shoot that Balloon down.
Balloon bombs touch down near Kalispell url = = = = = = = The news about the Chinese spy balloon reminded me of a couple incidents from WWI. After receiving many reports, authorities spent a considera + 245 more characters
Gunnar, it’s been years since I heard someone say “number.”
A Russian boy turned to his father and asked, "What's this special military operation our glorious leader keeps talking about?" His father replied, "It's a war to stop America and NATO." "Oh, okay” + 695 more characters
This going to suck.
Musk Fox 10 months ago
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Here's hoping Musk buys Fox News.
Perhaps he is ill.
Montana sees a record number of registered voters url
Sir Vivor: Last knight standing at the jousting match.
So one of the knights of old was riding in a horrible rainstorm. He had to get an urgent message to the king so he rode on and finally his horse could not go any further. He stopped at a little Inn ab + 433 more characters
urlurl by url, on Flickr
Bingo one year ago
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Who had Declassification by Telepathy on their Treason Bingo Card?
good one David.
Oh Yeah! one year ago
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A cantaloupe farmer in California is offering a course on fruit farming for older single women: John’s Cougar Melon Camp.
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