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Good to hear you folks rode it out in good shape. Quakes are always a rush. Shakes up your world, so to speak.
4.6. David, did it wake you up? Any damage to your house? url
MILES CITY, Mont., May 2 (1971) -- Casey Barthelmess, 80 years old, once a bronc buster and a cowpoke, shifted on his crutches outside the depot. He tried to sound uninterested in what had happened. “ + 454 more characters
Thanks Larry. Do you need a pdf copy of: J Fred Toman, ECHOING FOOTSTEPS: POWDER RIVER COUNTY, 1967.
I agree with Gunnar. I wish it weren't so, but I don't see either of them pulling it off.
Look at the 1893 Sanborn Map for Miles City and you’ll notice a street that no longer exists. One block north of Washington, the 1893 map shows what was once Ohio Street. Where did it go? Who stole Oh + 606 more characters
They were lumpenproletariat compared to those Bolshies in the Matanuska Valley Colony up north.
Kinsey 3 months ago
in History & Genealogy
Kinsey sits where the pavement stops and where the New Deal gave farmers a fresh start. A farming community of about 100 families, it fills the bottomland north of the Yellowstone River, the only dot + 534 more characters
“Dr. Sadie Lindeberg of Miles City had an exceptional career by any standard. She became a doctor in 1907, a time when there were perhaps as few as three women physicians in all of Montana. She practi + 311 more characters
2019 Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction Nomination Policy url Your guide to nominating a candidate into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame. “It is time to begin the 2019 MCHF Hall of Fame Inductee nom + 1262 more characters
Their lips are moving, they're lying.
Mexico gets Texas in return for Canada agreeing to not build a border wall. Canada gets Maine. Montana gets the southern half of Alberta. It’s a win-win all the way around. good one David
Who will have control over Montana’s strategic nuclear missiles? [Edited by Hal Neumann (2/20/2019 6:23:19 AM)]
Anthropologists at the University of Oxford have discovered what they believe to be seven universal moral rules. The rules: help your family, help your group, return favours, be brave, defer to superi + 550 more characters
One for Johnnie. "Early history of African-Americans in Montana" --Ellen Baumler GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE Nov. 3, 2015 url
: -) Yup. The world grows more complicated every day. But I do appreciate Old Guy / Old Fart rants – it’s good to know I’m not alone.
Given the overall circumstances that might lead me to drink radioactive beer, it’s probably not going to be the beer that does me in.
It's always good to have a plan ; -)
So you're minding your own business when all of a sudden, a nuclear bomb goes off, there's a shock wave, fires all around, general destruction and you, having somehow survived, need a drink. What can + 389 more characters
**An interesting speculative / opinion piece about the ongoing criminal & counter espionage investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. A long & interesting read. The Russia Connection + 212 more characters
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