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There are still several families living at Mildred. Zero has a resident. Saugus and Calypso are gone. I don’t believe there’s anything left at McCloud, Marsh, Bridgeport, Westmore, or Knowlton. The sc + 103 more characters
Word is that pardons are spendy. I doubt many of them can afford the price tag.
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Does anyone in Eastern Montana get their cell service from Google Fi? If so, your thoughts on the service. Asking for a friend.
The Allied powers signed a ceasefire agreement with Germany at Rethondes, France, at 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918, bringing the war later known as World War I to a close. President Wilson proclaim + 469 more characters
: -) Bone Spurs told his supporters not use mail in ballots. They didn’t. Now he whines that not many of those mail in ballots are for him. He knew he couldn’t win the vote – his strategy was to win i + 104 more characters
Down ballot voting is just damned important. In many ways county commissions & school boards play just as vital a role in our lives as the State Legislature. And the winners of the Governor’s and US H + 162 more characters
We humans can be astoundingly delusional. “Followers of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon believe Hollywood and Democratic elites take a psychedelic drug called Adrenochrome harvested from the fe + 1221 more characters
Yup . . . he is that. I was going to say he’s the Edsel, but after thinking about it, he’s the Corvair of presidents.
Sad news. My thoughts go out to the Brown family.
If I remember right (and that’s shaky at best), the black tiles were there the entire time that Kelley owned the place - from the late 60s though the 70s.
David, sorry to hear your neighbor's passing. Hope his family and yours stay safe & well.
THE GREAT UNDERGROUND BEAR HUNT OF 1879 --Hal Neumann In the fall of 1878 young Fred Whiteside, a native son of Illinois and resident of Montana for less than a year, decided to seek his fortune as a + 7398 more characters
Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. The best of the Season to us All.
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