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Bingo 2 hours ago
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Who had Declassification by Telepathy on their Treason Bingo Card?
good one David.
A cantaloupe farmer in California is offering a course on fruit farming for older single women: John’s Cougar Melon Camp.
AFTER QUASIMODO DIED... After Quasimodo's death, the bishop of the cathedral of Notre Dame sent word through the streets of Paris that a new bellringer was needed. The bishop decided that he woul + 2044 more characters
Sad, sad news.
Rosendale and Daines are convinced that nothing is too good for Veterans, and they are determined to see that Vets get plenty of it.
“Hawley Concerned That Being a Coward Is Overshadowing His Work as a Fascist” url
I'm very sorry to learn this. She was a kind and caring person.
Black History Month – One for Johnny Lockett Thomas. On April 10, 2012, Montana honored Sarah Bickford by inducting her into the Gallery of Outstanding Montanans in the Capitol Rotunda in Helena. A fo + 251 more characters
Did you know there was once an amazing supper club in Miles that was built of logs?
Way cool. Thanks for sharing David.
Another 20-years? 30? 40? Biden made the right call.
Susie Yelloweyes Carlson (Aenohovohosoe) March 11, 1942 - December 11, 2006 url
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