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**An interesting speculative / opinion piece about the ongoing criminal & counter espionage investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. A long & interesting read. The Russia Connection + 212 more characters
“When Ryan Booth began his research into Indian scouts who were recruited by the U.S. Army, he discovered only two military forts had complete records of the scouts: Fort Apache in Arizona and Fort Ke + 331 more characters
I’m thinking this is maybe the way it seemed when printed books (& literacy) exploded onto the scene in Europe. Information overload, outmoded ways of determining credibility / reputation, and change + 325 more characters
“We are experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift in our relationship to knowledge. From the ‘information age’, we are moving towards the ‘reputation age’, in which information will have value only if + 536 more characters
No, I was just passing along my condolences.
Sorry to hear of your loss.
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“The U.S. Yield Curve Just Inverted” By Brian Chappatta BLOOMBERG December 3, 2018 url
Well, Jobie is a big’un, no doubt about that. You might need to get him an XXXXXXXXXXXL t-shirt ; -)
Karen, how does Jobie measure up to the steer that’s been all over the internet this week? “By now, anyone who’s been within 30 feet of a Wi-Fi signal has likely seen an image of Knickers, the massive + 247 more characters
Got one to give my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. They’re a bargain on amazon: $2.28 + $2 shipping.
Don, thanks for the update.
Happy Thanksgiving !!! Hope everyone has a great Holiday. Me? I’m giving thanks that we’re not having this for our dinner. “As chef Will Horowitz cuts into a hunk of pink, juicy flesh and piles up thi + 273 more characters
Yes, if ever there was an example of winning the war and losing the peace, the settlement to WWI is it. None of the signatories to the three treaties ending the war walked away satisfied. Pretty much + 514 more characters
The common poppy, Papaver rhoeas, is an annual plant in the Papaveraceae family. It produces seeds that can remain dormant in the soil for as long as 100 years. Since the seeds need light to grow, th + 645 more characters
In the version of American history familiar to most schoolchildren, the U.S. experience in World War I was a nearly unblemished triumph, a moment when an energetic and powerful young nation rescued Eu + 2243 more characters
If you haven’t voted yet – get it done.
Halloween 2 months ago
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We had 56 kids show up for treats last night. We ran out of goodies an hour & half into the rush. This was our first Halloween in the new place; so we weren’t sure how many kids to plan for. We’ll nee + 40 more characters
: -) David, I think I'll pass. Maybe after a couple years of retirement I'll change my mind, but for right now it doesn't seem like the thing to do. I'm hoping though that someone will buy it and keep + 10 more characters
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