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Ya, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, team, and community.
Good luck Cowboys. You always make Miles City proud. Have a great season!
Lost Yorky 10 years ago
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Our female Yorky came up missing last night.She is not wearing a collar because it was taken off recently for a bath and it did not get put back on. If she was picked up or seen it was more than likel + 125 more characters
I agree. You can't beat Cowboy football.
Hat, why are you always against the Cowboys when you are on a Miles City website?
It has been 2 weeks since we have had any discussion on the Cowboys. Let's get something going as it is a big game this week against #1 Billings Central. Any comments on the team so far, last weeks pe + 60 more characters
The Cowboys head up to Belgrade this week. Let's hear some predictions and tid-bits.
Well put Brian!
Well, it is now Thursday and nobody has started discussion about the Cowboy's upcoming game tomorrow...so let's here what people think.
No, they are not available to fans. Only to the Cowboy players. There used to be the baseball bathrooms available also. I dont know if they are still in commision though.
Yes, Patch's Corner does have restrooms inside of it.
Cowboys @ Dickinson comments or predictions anyone?
I understand why you could see that Shu. Next year the cowboys will have the 3 returning starters. Senger on the line, Begger at reciever and linebacker and Herzog at QB and defensive back.
I dont understand why everyone is saying the Cowboys have a young team. Drew Senger and Devin Begger are the only junior starters for them and Ben Herzog is the only sophomore. So unless you guys are + 60 more characters
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