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Don was a life long friend, having grown up together, although Don was a few years older than myself. We enjoyed many hours of fun together that included hunting and fishing, vacationing and stock car + 161 more characters
Steve, this sounds like a wonderful gathering of information. Is this symposium addressing the dike issue, flood insurance or the FEMA or Corp of Engineers latest designation of the flood plain?
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Trying to teach a grandson to shoot shotgun.  Searching for a clay pigeon thrower so we can have fun together.  Please text  951-2619 Clyde Leischner Found one. [Edited by Clyde Leischner (4/14/2019 8 + 11 more characters
wanted to buy a youth model 20 gauge shotgun.  want to get my grandson started on clay pigeons this spring at the range at spotted eagle. Clyde Leischner 951-2619
Hey Al, I am looking for a youth 20 gauge. Want to shoot skeet with my young grandson, get him away from the computer screen games. Clyde9512619
Mike, I am looking for a youth model 20 gauge. Got anything: Clyde Leischner 951-2619