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Richard wrote: Jill: guess it is because you worked for an oil company that you can afford a ranch without having to make the ranch pay for itself raising livestock. Otherwise you would have a differe + 976 more characters
My store is locally owned (by me), but because of a major parking problem on the street where my shop is located you can't get to me. At least drive by and wave. I'll know you care.
I was trying to keep it funny. I guess I needed one of those faces.
RE: Power? 18 years ago
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I don't think Eastern Montana folk are used to dealing with tree issues. This would just be another day in the life of someone in western WA. Trees were always falling on power lines, transformers wer + 470 more characters
Like it? Just get more of those coal-fired power plants up and running and we can have more wet falls! The government of Montana is committed to global warming.
Richard, I just sent a $100 donation to the "environmental terrorist" group NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) in your name.
The U-Haul is gone, the Miles City Star did an article Friday the 16th (which helped a lot) and I've put as much up in front of the store as I can fit. Only downside is that now we'll be doing most of + 313 more characters
Monday night (the 5th) we got a call at 9:30 at our home that the ceiling in our shop had collapsed and there was water running into the store. Living 55 miles out we made a few calls to Greg Losinski + 2629 more characters
I wanted to respond as someone who has just moved into the area and has the money to make the choice to build new, bring in a modular or redo the ancient farm house already on the place. I chose to re + 1640 more characters
darkness longs for light the eclipse makes darker still
Since I'm on a Milescity.com roll this morning, I thought I'd add a little Lance Armstrong to the mix: And how do you learn to lose? Trouble is, you're going to lose more than you're going to win, no + 1261 more characters
I was enjoying reading magazines like Equus, National Geographic and Readers Digest until I moved to Miles City. Now my mailbox is packed with Western Farmer-Stockman, Prairie Grains and Trader Dispat + 941 more characters
I believe in dog smiles.
green carpet of grass a secret under the snow yawn and stretch toward spring ________________________ cold cows are huddled
Hey Coyote Sisters (I like the name!) I have a warm shop, but it's 50 miles to the east. I found my ocarina that I bought in Santa Cruz years and years ago. Still works and I have a songbook....
Years ago, a friend gave me a book called "Open Book" by Rumi. I always liked what was written and I think the following poem is appropriate given the current thread: An Empty Garlic You miss the gard + 692 more characters
And then there are the Mackintosh users.....
A wrinkled old man of Sharm could fly with the flaps on his arm But wrinkles cause drag
A hag in her 40s named Milly Had a goat in her backyard named Billy
Road from Miles City Dodging gray deer and dark cows
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