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Log Press had a "tongue weight" of 220 lbs according to Big Dan. The carry weighed 315 lbs and the drag weighed 450 lbs also according to Dan. And being a competitor, this was hard work, but it's th + 64 more characters
This coffee is actually really good! Thanks for stopping by!
"Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day"
Dawn Dee was incredible. We didn't know her for very long, but met her through DEAP. She was such an amazing person and will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.
I love the "shut the front door" and "what the french, toast?" and "lint linker" from the Orbit's commercials. My favorite frequent "cuss" words to use are fffffffffiretruck and ssshhhitaki mushrooms + 175 more characters
Jim, catholic with a little "c" means universal...as in applies to everyone who chooses to take part via Christ's invitation. vs Catholic with a big "c" means Roman Catholic Church as in applies to + 149 more characters
I made it to 51 seconds. And I want those seconds back! SH
Do you have a place to stay until then? We have several empty bedrooms you're more than welcome to use. If you need a place or a warm meal or anything, please let us know. I'm not sure if we'll be abl + 96 more characters
If you can't find someone in 1700 years when the population went from 200 million at the time of christ (according to TIME magazine) and at the end of the 18th century was estimated at approximately 1 + 267 more characters
Denominations can also form due to someone teaching unsound doctrine... ie claiming to have an intermediary with God other than Christ. I agree people go "church shopping" to suit their wants and des + 740 more characters
Wendy, IF there were any true internal conflicts in the Bible this thing would have unraveled a LONG time ago. I would suggest you dig a lil' deeper and you'll find there is none.
Richard, That clearly says doctrine not denomination. Though some denominations do have doctrinal issues they are not one in the same. Amorette, Can you try to express your confusion one more tim + 172 more characters
Steve, Take care, Brother. Next time you're in town, give us a ring. No such thing as too many friends.
Jim, Me thinks you missunderstood part of my post. I didn't mean "all roads lead to Heaven". I meant "believe in Christ's death, burial and resurrectiona and God will lead you from there". It's all ab + 4330 more characters
Love me some control c and control v...
Steve, I totally agree with the spirit of what you say. I don't push any minutiae onto folks with regards to Christianity, which shouldn't be religious, because that's not what it's about. It's about + 1670 more characters
K.I.S.S. works EVERY time MOST of the time.
You got your own. I don't share.
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