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Thank you for all the suggestions. Jerry and Jana was on the list but not able to do this one. Rib and Chop came through with flying colors.
Yes Peggy was on the list.
Thank you. Will do.
Slight problem: Need to find someone to do, (not deep fried), horderves by Thursday for around 20 people. Anybody know of someone??
Don't forget Riverside Park after the parade.
Reminder: don't forget the Wake Up and Lace Up barbeque in Riverside Park after the 4th of July parade.
There will be a barbeque in Riverside Park after the 4th of July parade put on by Wake Up and Lace Up, a not for profit organization, whose mission is to provide financial assistance to Eastern Montan + 92 more characters
John maybe you already know this but Aaron's have a person that does this.
I don't mind the specialty plates but I still wish they made them have a county number on them. Big round stick on circle would be fine. Both front and back.
Yes there is a 4th of July parade on the 4th. Then after the parade is a hamburger BBQ with all proceeds going to Wake up and Lace Up. Every penny of Wake Up and Lace up stay in the local community an + 22 more characters
Stevenson Funeral home is still alive and well.
Don't understand why anyone would purchase a car out of town. Ask your local sales person to find one for you. Also don't understand why you would buy a brand that you can not get service and worked o + 80 more characters
Aarons have a repair person.
You might suggest the family contact "Wake UP and Lace Up" That is what they do for people who need help!!
Just a thought: Instead of trying to get $20.00 donations to help do this project let's make a real effort and try to raise enough to be able to enclose the one section and solar heat it? Perfect time + 84 more characters
Here is Jeff's email. [email protected] Weird it says at when finished.
Across the highway from Range Riders on Fair ground property.
FOX on line sports has a writer than said he feels the coaches sabotaged Tebow with the game plan knowing he could not do it. DUH!! How ridicules that statement sounds. I am not a Tebow fan but why wo + 21 more characters
Here is the perfect answer for the seating problem at Conners Field except someone is going to have to raise a lot of money. url Watch the video. It would be great if there was some way to modify the + 613 more characters
FYI Dennis Pluhar 234-9734 Had TWO Denver Bronco vs. Oakland Raider tickets for sale. Monday night game September 12th. Give him a call if interested and see if he still has them.
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