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Yes, the junk/garbage is piling up again, and it sickens me, because I live across the street and have to look at it every day. Shipley is sick and the court should've ordered mental counseling to ge + 238 more characters
I am very interested, but don't see it listed at the website.
Definitely the S-3. I love Samsung phones, and have had both the Galaxy S-1 and 2. I will probably upgrade soon to a Galaxy Note 3.
I love good mediterranean cuisine. I'm a foodie who is also an excellent cook myself, so my expectations are pretty high. I have lived in Tarpon Springs, FL and really miss the food there.
A City Brew is being built in front of Mexico Lindo, and many of their franchise locations are open anywhere from 6-10pm.
BILLINGS - The FBI and Montana law enforcement authorities are searching for a man suspected of molesting a 5-year-old girl in Baker. The man, whose name is not known, is said to be between 44 and 55 + 590 more characters
I for one would be interested n what it is that killed them.
Thank you, I will be attending the meeting.
Thank you, and you are welcome to think what you like. But, if you're not interested in helping, Mr. Showalter... there is no need to comment any longer. And I find that when it comes to doing what is + 109 more characters
Thank you, Jeff! I plan to start practicing at the Forsythe pool, but won't be ready for a competition for a while, but I will definitely attend.
That's NO excuse to abandon the needs of the youth of the County that cannot speak for themselves!! I am getting plenty of fresh air, and learning my way around. I don't gamble, smoke, or drink m + 1163 more characters
Are you interested in having a YMCA in your community? We believe any community would be enhanced by the presence of a YMCA. However, through the experience of starting more than 2,663 YMCAs across th + 2511 more characters
I recently moved to Miles City from Tampa, FL and I find that the priorities of this city are really backward when it comes to planning. This city certainly found the money to build a huge juvenile de + 1012 more characters
I just moved to Miles City from Florida, and am wondering how I can get involved in the Garden, that is if it still exists. Thanks! ... Elaine
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