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I am a little slow at this, so if someone can correct this link, Thanks Interesting information. url
For $75. you can send me a picture of any place in Miles City and I'll paint it for you.
We are still planning on moving to your area (not sure where yet)this summer. The question is how is the cell phone coverage out there? We have to stand out on our front porch (even back porch won't w + 359 more characters
Amorette, it is a good thing you are not a teacher if you hate cute annoying songs! I remember one my kids sang called "The Song That Never Ends" talk about annoying!
From an outsider, how many Bonine's are there?
Ok after the topic of the PA teacher, I wonder (as a teacher) what really makes a teacher good? Aside from the fact she shouldn't discuss the students in any forum and should know the subject area she + 100 more characters
Should teachers be held to a higher level than other college educated adults? Should doctors and nurses be suspended for smoking or being fat? Does the truth hurt? Who is offended more, the students s + 413 more characters
That should be one of those pay it forward stories. You do something out of your way for the next guy (or woman). Love those stories.
Bill, the problem I see with consolidation of schools is for one, the bus rides for my son at this time is about an hour. To consolidate with the larger school district would add at least an additiona + 1055 more characters
So how many state motto's still hold true for any state?
The pay may not be bad. But living in NY sucks! Our wonderful new governor has some great ideas. Consolidate all the small school into large schools, close all the alternative schools, cut out state w + 1336 more characters
What district? I have my Masters Degree and 11 years experience, are you hiring?
If pay sucked for public school teachers in Montana and the few teaching jobs I have looked at are almost what I make now, then tell me where you work, because I want to make the big bucks too. I thou + 86 more characters
My husband is more picky about the amount of money he makes and the types of jobs he is willing to do. That is why I think he should get a job first. I did see an ad for someone to work in a flower sh + 185 more characters
And then it all blew my way. My son has had a 5 day weekend. We got the snow then the ice and now the wind has started. Mr. Groundhog can say anthing he wants we still have plenty of winter ahead. We + 398 more characters
And Levi you moved to CA instead? So I see a job opening for a heavy equipment operator in the Fort Peck Res. Anyone know anything about that? Also one for a company: Victory Equity Construction in Mi + 56 more characters
Ok, so I have been looking on the state job site and all the jobs seem to be in the eastern part of the state is there a reason for that?
Thank you for putting that out there. The school I work in sounds so very different, still stressful. The pay is totally the opposite. I make more where I am than I ever dreamed of making in a public + 1275 more characters
Why do you say that? I did think about getting out of teaching all together, but it is what I know. I have taught at a residential facility for 9 years. We have come under some HEAVY scrutiny lately f + 48 more characters
Thank you for the great responses. I forgot to mention that my husband is an avid hunter and we all enjoy fishing as a past time, not that it will make a huge difference. We haven't really decided on + 460 more characters
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