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We picked up two growlers last night. The American Stout is good, pretty rich but in a pleasing way. Their Red was great, had all the flavor expected of a red and a nice dark hew and it went down easy + 295 more characters
Would the US Farm Bill be considered democratic socialism? Honest question, looking for intelligent responses, not snarky ones.
So tonight’s show is cancelled as well?
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The article on stupidity is internet gold Hal!
I could cut a hole in that wall (steel or concrete) with gear that would fit in the back of a small sedan that most people could buy with just a paycheck (or two). Thousands of miles of remote terrain + 111 more characters
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I loved sliding down that thing!
CGP Grey has unleashed another great video:
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"I have of late, (but wherefore I know not) lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises; and indeed, it goes so heavily with my disposition; that this goodly frame the earth, seems to me a ster + 641 more characters
I like the Dragon's Breath.
What's a rough estimate for repairing the lines?
This is ongoing and was a big story in 2001 when Rumsfeld was asked about 2 trillion that was unaacounted for in the records. That's over $7k for every person in the country. Planes hit buildings the + 326 more characters
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Includes dust guard, push stick, riving knife, dust port, angle tool.  Blade is getting dull but everything works great.  Have a cordless in work trailer now and big one in shop.  I can deliver if you + 210 more characters
Hilti TE 70 one month ago
SDS Max hammer drill/breaker.  Trigger contacts need cleaned, once in a while you gotta work the trigger but it always works.  Price reflects needing contact points cleaned at $400 cash.  Only selling + 587 more characters