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I have attacked no one.
I don't want there to be any confusion. I have never emailed Aaron.
Wendy just said it all.
I vote A if adoption is chosen and B if it is not.
Why has this become about me? Makes no sense except that pro-choice is not very accepted among those who have not educated themselves.. And of course, "strong women don't get pregnant"..
Why would you ask women who have had abortions to name themselves using real names? Why not ask those who have had their tonsils out the same question?
Read Aaron's first post on this thread asking those who have had abortions to list their names here..
You mean only childless women are strong women??? Souix, I do see some personal attacks and I think you have mixed up posters.
I have made no personal attacks.
Strong women don't "beat the hell" out of their children when life is too tough for them to deal with. Strong women don't put themselves or their innocent children into these situations. They make oth + 134 more characters
Aaron, I am glad you are able to focus on the blessings over the pain you endured. You must be a strong man and it give me comfort to know that you made it past being a victim and see yourself as comp + 140 more characters
i just want to be clear here that what I have said is public knowledge and I am not revealing anything confidential. The situation was known by dozens, but no one really knew what to do other than to + 86 more characters
But just keeping someone alive, putting them through a life they have to endure (your own words) is not responsible. You admit that much of your life was hell. For women who DO WANT THE CHOICE not to + 626 more characters
Aaron, my intention was NOT to say anyone should have been aborted, but that young women should be making choices on what is best for the children they conceive, not based on what men in politics deci + 811 more characters
Aaron, I happen to know that you were born into poverty to a mother who had 4 children with 4 different men, none of which she was ever married to. She was uneducated, and had many, many difficulties. + 543 more characters
Sweet babies. Hoping the weather doesn't get too cold for them.
Based on the type of callers Beck accepts on his show, I would have to say that he fears having to debate educated people--and for good reason..
A boss can most certainly expect and enforce employees looking professionally presentable. Is there such an excess of jobs in that area that you can only hire those who smell bad and look terrible?
I am SO with you Mike.
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