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Possible but they "scratched" the photo info into the negative in reverse, so had to write backwards when doing so.
Interestingly enough, I know that DF Barry was in town and have never seen a postcard shot taken by him. I gave a very faded stereo view by Barry of Ft Keogh and the officer's kids to Amorette and the + 82 more characters
They (the photographers) bought each other out and sometimes pirated shots anyhow, it's sometimes hard for even serious collectors to know who really took the photograph. I have what is probably a 1st + 144 more characters
Schlichting. I know next to nothing else, but I know he has in the postcard photographer pool
I'm pretty sure that Lyle was born in Devil's Lake ND where Fritz worked for the Ford dealer and I know that Mom was born in Miles in '45 when Fritz worked for Love. Fritz went to Hines before Lyle di + 437 more characters
Yep. Love had a big fire in '56 or '57 and was a complete rebuild I'd bet judging from the pictures. Since Karen posted this as being '73, (I missed that part), I think it was a rebuild
Yep! Love Motors is what brought my Mom's folks to Miles City and I'll never forget the Crossroads Curious to see that Love had a 232- prefix. Probably want long before it burned We have pictures of F + 378 more characters
Jerry/CNN/CBS going back to posting under his real name would go a long way toward credibility. That he hasn't says a lot. [Edited by Dave Roberts (7/19/2020 12:51:41 PM)]
The irony is delicious! I think I'll save some for leftovers [Edited by Dave Roberts (7/19/2020 11:39:48 AM)]
I'll send you scans Larry and if you want originals, I'd give you those too. I'm kind of a "dead end" and am not sure how much MC stuff my cousin's son wants to inherit
I don't know anything about either author, but I'll give you $20 per book for them
It disturbs me that I think he may have meant "communist". Not necessarily because he said or meant it, more along the lines that I could think I may be right
I tried to see most of it. Mom was coming out of cataract surgery right as the drive by parade was going on and we waited in the parking lot for the flyover but the HELP helicopter came in on official + 221 more characters
"I Misspelled a word and some people have to let them no how much smarter thay are by pointing it out" Make no mistake, I'm not calling out spelling errors to be "superior", it's calling out something + 96 more characters
Spellcheck needs a high ABV beer
Custer County still has no cases, in spite of the 14- plates I've seen in my very few outings in Billings. Your best best is to shop and buy local and avoid coming to Billings if at all possible. It w + 70 more characters
I won this one. I'll post higher resolution scans here once it arrives
Nothing definitive, but she knows that BC had that logo in '93. Google Earth shows vacant land at the current BC site in '98 and operational clinic in '02 All I know for sure is that there was a clini + 120 more characters
Dr. Winter's obit url states he participated in the merger of Garberson & Billings Clinics, but I'm still not sure of when Deac/BC came to Miles. Mom (31 years Deac/BC in Billings) is digging into it
The logo on the hat looks like an older one of Deaconess / Billings Clinic
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I'll try it agin without the VPN- I have spare BBW & TFY that I'd be more than happy to give you once I get home at the end of the month. I don't want to put my wife in the position of picking which o + 382 more characters