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It disturbs me that I think he may have meant "communist". Not necessarily because he said or meant it, more along the lines that I could think I may be right
I tried to see most of it. Mom was coming out of cataract surgery right as the drive by parade was going on and we waited in the parking lot for the flyover but the HELP helicopter came in on official + 221 more characters
"I Misspelled a word and some people have to let them no how much smarter thay are by pointing it out" Make no mistake, I'm not calling out spelling errors to be "superior", it's calling out something + 96 more characters
Spellcheck needs a high ABV beer
Custer County still has no cases, in spite of the 14- plates I've seen in my very few outings in Billings. Your best best is to shop and buy local and avoid coming to Billings if at all possible. It w + 70 more characters
I won this one. I'll post higher resolution scans here once it arrives
Nothing definitive, but she knows that BC had that logo in '93. Google Earth shows vacant land at the current BC site in '98 and operational clinic in '02 All I know for sure is that there was a clini + 120 more characters
Dr. Winter's obit url states he participated in the merger of Garberson & Billings Clinics, but I'm still not sure of when Deac/BC came to Miles. Mom (31 years Deac/BC in Billings) is digging into it
The logo on the hat looks like an older one of Deaconess / Billings Clinic
It seems like the only way local Billings outfits would've found that I had CTEPH was via autopsy (if then--) so the trip to Rochester paid off in spades no matter how long and surreal it was and pret + 310 more characters
With all respect to the General- Mayo is currently still big on handshakes, though they often promptly wash their hand after and *never* touch their faces with bare fingers Really curious thing to be + 218 more characters
Hines Motor Supply then would've been at 605 Bridge with the machine shop around the corner past the barbershop. I don't know if any of the folks that worked at that location are still around. I like + 117 more characters
Even as big as they are, high-rise tower cranes are still fulcrums and they should keep that in mind assembling or dismantling. If you pull all the pins on the way up, the first pin you pull moves the + 415 more characters
Yup, pulled the pins early. url What I don't get is why the crane owner, who didn't assemble or dis-assemble the crane, got fined so much more than the guys who prematurely pulled the pins? New Orlean + 262 more characters
url Not often that I'm happy to lose a bid but almost $40 in shipping seems a bit excessive. eBay was more fun when you could see full usernames/feedbacks and figure out who was doing what & often und + 59 more characters
Also, unless the Classifieds are somehow split or sandboxed from the main site, Rob has had and still enjoys restored posting privileges since shortly after his reinstatement was stated by Larry [Edit + 42 more characters
I just got this postcard and wasn't entirely positive of where the hotel was. Thanks Dave!
Looks like somebody pulled all the pins
This, right here, is why. There are a lot of valid reasons. Sometimes it takes a long shot like this to remind you that if it happens, it's only because Larry keeps this going. The white heart icon is + 161 more characters
I've lost count and am a thousand miles from home but I have a few "Photographer on and Army Mule" and will send you one if you don't have access and want it. Christian Barthelmess' son, Casey, had a + 220 more characters
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