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Shocking that you found me, since I'm obviously not hiding Not knowing who I'm talking about is what made me wonder how "Miles City" you are. Losing a relative to Covid-19 tends to make one look neg + 460 more characters
Jerry- I'm saying this because I really am a nice guy at heart, but there are limits. Type your name into a Google search bar and hit "enter". Give some serious thought to what comes up. Choose your w + 363 more characters
And don't try to play little 'ole innocent Jerry You know Goddamned well which Vern I'm taking about Vern ,Fritz, Dwight,they were the nicest guys you could've met. Me- I didn't inherit that gene
I'll ask you again Jerry if you knew Vern? and how do you possibly reconcile that? You do know that I blame you and your ilk 100% What are you going to do about me?
Did you know Vern, Jerry?
yeah, I'm fine with it- "inoffensive and not too bitter" especially if they have crowlers
I would probably drink this. as long as it's not super heavy in bitter hops
49 more this morning. Darwin waits with bated breath. Do you really need to come to Billings to shop?
Somebody doesn't know who he's talking to. Google-Fu is not strong with this one
When I first logged in 18 years ago, Milescity.com was populated almost exclusively by people using their real names or usernames easily discernible as to who they were. Since then a lot of people who + 433 more characters
I'd rather pay for masks than funerals Also! My wife's name is Karen. She wears a mask [Edited by Dave Roberts (11/10/2020 2:49:42 PM)]
Does anybody know how to get hold of Jeanne Swick? I found a picture of her dad, Hilmar, on eBay and want to get it to her url
I have little (no) doubt that those of us that use our real names here would continue to do so, win or lose on either side, because we are not chickens We all know who J.E. is. He's a kook, but he's + 446 more characters
Grew up in MC and you have the quote wrong. I will explain it to you. A man's word is his bond means if a man tells you he is going to do something he does. It has no meaning to whether or not you po + 255 more characters
Then prolong it all you can, asshole!
It is my real name because where I come from, a man's word is his his bond. Where are you from?
Big gonads for somebody that can't/ won't post under their real name
You are 100% showing disrespect and contempt for everybody else because the mask isn't about you, it's to protect *everybody*. It only works if *everybody* wears one. By not wearing one, you jeopardi + 183 more characters
I'm wearing N95 masks (yes, you can get them, in spite of what Amazon says) because I pretty much have to. No, it's not easy to breathe through them if you're lung challenged, but when the other choic + 41 more characters
Beelzebub has a devil set aside for me! For Me! For Meeeee!
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