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url Not often that I'm happy to lose a bid but almost $40 in shipping seems a bit excessive. eBay was more fun when you could see full usernames/feedbacks and figure out who was doing what & often und + 59 more characters
Also, unless the Classifieds are somehow split or sandboxed from the main site, Rob has had and still enjoys restored posting privileges since shortly after his reinstatement was stated by Larry [Edit + 42 more characters
I just got this postcard and wasn't entirely positive of where the hotel was. Thanks Dave!
Looks like somebody pulled all the pins
This, right here, is why. There are a lot of valid reasons. Sometimes it takes a long shot like this to remind you that if it happens, it's only because Larry keeps this going. The white heart icon is + 161 more characters
I've lost count and am a thousand miles from home but I have a few "Photographer on and Army Mule" and will send you one if you don't have access and want it. Christian Barthelmess' son, Casey, had a + 220 more characters
Where is the raised eyebrow emoji when you need it?
Not that it'll fix anything, but there is this- url In case the Gazette tries to make you jump through hoops- url [Edited by Dave Roberts (12/13/2018 12:30:43 PM)]
Boycott eating sushi every day. Always cook fish to 145°F, so it's safe to sneakily hand off to your cat/dog under the table. Then, get some real meat. I dearly love to catch them, but can't stand fi + 2 more characters
Too many Boomer retirees. No way in hell would a sales tax pass now.
And me. Had to see just how long I've been a pest and I still can't quite believe it's really been that long. Props to Larry for putting up with some of us for so long. And to Richard- There's a joke + 91 more characters
Just for the curious, if you try to increase your donation to MC.com (Larry's milescity.com) to over $99 it adds a 0 to the end of it and freaks you right the heck out, so Imm'a go $80 at a time until + 273 more characters
And then what?
Joe Heretick was my grandmother's neighbor in Billings. Apparently long after whatever happened, happened. Discussion of it was verboten. By that point the collar was a ticket to a wee dram of whisk( + 105 more characters
I was hoping/dreading that this was one of Richard's shaggy dog stories
Was this the same Lyle "Yes, Goddamn!" (He'd had a stroke. All he could say was "yes", "no", & "Goddamn") that tossed Jesse Ventura?
"You're one of the first people who's never lived in a world without Star Trek." So the other Dave is probably around 50.5 too? "The Atlantic" is three times older than me, so I've got that going for + 65 more characters
Put a dam(n) downstream of Livingston! Anything to break up that wind. I'm all about it
I stumbled into three of these, mis-listed ("Mils City")
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