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You need to remember that the old owners were the workers also. That means no work comp or payroll since they could just take it out of the business side. The new owners are trying to make it somewher + 166 more characters
May we take the time to pray for all the families involved in this horrific tragedy and put our NRA gun toting views aside for one small minute? Think people think!
Thank you forn the shoes they are awesome!
Is this for all ages?
Studio Ten is Sponsoring a doterra Essential Oils Class Taught by Jean Jones and Janessa Salsbery Naturally Safe, Purely Effective, Essential Oils Take control of your health. Free Bio-Feed Back Octob + 263 more characters
Would you be looking for a Office Manager, or Payroll Clerk? If so are you listed in the paper or job service? Thank you.
Earl, where is your shop going to be and are you booking appointments yet?
ok, getting off subject here. I think the BenFranklin building would make a great place for lazer tag, a rock wall or other activities for kids. The Riggs building would work well for a shoe store.
My children are 9, they are not going to be in court anytime soon. We live six miles out and when they ride in town I tell them to ride on the sidewalks with the babysitter with them. They are not goi + 438 more characters
will you be having another class
How long is the bus route and when are the pick up and drop off times and locations?
How can we donate for the auction. Either product or dessert.
I'd rather have my children on the sidewalks and get slamed on this site than in the street. Have you seen the drivers in this town. It's amazing there isn't more pedestrians getting run over. NO ONE + 434 more characters
where at?
Studio Ten downtown accross from the Cellar Casino
This is Montana, not a high dollar equestrian center, drive around and get used to it!
My son had a problem with another student and Mr. Plowman resolved the issue right away. I have been in the school when the bell rings and he and the teachers are all out in the halls monitoing the s + 554 more characters
What about loss of homes and belongings. Is there anywhere someone can take a donation?
Focused on what?, how huge a tax break they can give to the billionares. Ah, the poor millionares might have to keep paying taxes so that it's not so obivious to us middle class, lower class, and the + 177 more characters
Go away Kacey.
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