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$9.00 you're getting a full meal! This carrot cake is delicious!
Jeepfreak, is your house located in Moon creek?
Yes, there's several going on Kinsey this afternoon, the glow you see is corn stubble.
Don, get a job, life, or the game Clue! Let law enforcement do their jobs! Why is it when there's bad news you're always in the middle of it! Do you have nothing better to do with your life then wind + 18 more characters
Two controlled burns were being done that day. One was done by the BLM between Ismay and Mildred. That would be the one you were informed about on the radio. The very large column south of town was at + 201 more characters
What could they have done different Richard? How could they perform any better?
Thanks for the info!
Grants? 9 years ago
in General Discussion
Does anyone know of a Grant writer in Miles City? Or could anyone give me any pointers?
Sorry to say it Bridger, but I've seen them s*** in a urinal in Wolf Point. I've yet to see that happen here.
If ever by chance the valley drive, leighton, underpass,10th St,8th St,and 4th St crossings are blocked you could always go around to the Jordan exit. It the Jordan exit is blocked, we have an issue.
Well I wouldn't go as far as murder but maybe a good a** beating. As for saying you're dumb for haveing valuables in your vehicle, we live in a small community with mostly trusting people. Why should + 122 more characters
Where did Judd go? I'm curious why he just dropped out of this after Mrs. Huffmans post.
If you don't like how the roads are being worked maybe you should put in your application to the road dept. Fallon County isn't even focusing on bladeing they are just trying to fix wash outs, culver + 489 more characters
Poor dogs 12 years ago
in General Discussion
Billy Rae I really hope your new puppy means more to you then the dog you just got rid of! I REALLY hope he isn't at the pound, and that he found a home with someone who will care for him more then yo + 525 more characters
Maybe bump him to only 20 hours per week in the summer and hire another person to run twenty hours per week in the winter?
How About add some lime to that gravel? Maybe that would help stabilize it a little? How about a business that has constant wet traffic leaveing it and now the pot holes are terrible infront of their + 817 more characters
Don't send your kid to the country school! They DO NOT need anymore kids from town who "Are so unfairly treated by all the teachers!" I'm sick of hearing about little S*** heads being sent to the coun + 895 more characters
As a child my father witnessed a young ladie let her dog lift it's leg on my bike infront of my house. The next day she let it crap in my mothers flower bed. The third day when she showed up he told h + 422 more characters
Smiley, I'm not sure what your problem is with the murdochs girls. But you're probably right they might not know what your talking about when you are asking them about somethin from hard side, they mi + 1018 more characters
From deep deep deep I mean WAY out in left feild....Cactus plains!
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