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We were at the first in in 89. There were over 10,000 people there. There were cars lined up on both sides of the interstate. It was elbow to elbow people! They had some kind of mishap with the sheep + 99 more characters
I had them Friday night and they were really good but Saturday night they were quite flavorless and had burned chunks of chicken and vegetables.
I figured everybody knew Mary Margaret! She is an awesome awesome person!!
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When I was growing up we used Golden Marlin like you are saying, put it in watermelon rind. But it was yellow. We had the blue stuff too but can't remember what it was!
RE: flies 10 years ago
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My neice had an outdoor meal the other night and the flies were terrible. We told her about the pennies and water and she put up 2 bags and it helped tremendously! Also, there is a product called Temp + 276 more characters
Terry had trees uprooted and the drive in screen was demolished. (I heard). Killdeer ND had planes at the airport tipped around etc.
Bowman ND got 4.84 inches since Sat. night! Water everywhere!
Your dog would receive very good care at East Main. Dr. Lindley even took my daughter's dog home with her to keep an eye on him once after surgery.
It wouldn't be an inheritance if their name was on the deed.
Do you honestly believe the machines are gonna be rigged? I think a better idea would be to watch the movie 2016. That is enough to scare a person.
How interesting, as I have a great nephew with autism. Have you seen the movie about Temple Grandin? It is worth watching. I worked in special education and dealt with autistic kids. They are awesome! + 39 more characters
Good one!!
There is a new manager at 4 B's. The carpet was clean and either they scrubbed walls or did some painting!
Totally agree Windy. None of you bees wax. At least she wants a job unlike LOTS of others.
We ate ate 4-B's a week ago and they have REALLY cleaned it up in there. Was impressed.
Do you honestly think someone is that stupid? I suppose so but Wow!!
Smiley, I certainly hope you do not still deliver pizzas. I don't think you have any business to get on here and say who bounces checks. That is totally irrelevant to this case.
I really think it is ridiculous to get on here and trash talk her like you did. If you have a problem with her, I suggest you work it out with her.
Sorry. DR. Matthews is not an orthodontist but a good dentist!
Barry Matthews at Big Smile Center
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