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I just moved back to Nevada and had never shot a turkey before but living in MT for three years kinda gave me the hunting bug so I shot the first turkey of my life today ! Scared the hell outta the pe + 150 more characters
My IQ begs to differ with anyone that makes remarks towards my intelligence so thats just a waste of my time to dignify such remarks with a reply back other than, "Everytime you point your finger you + 1548 more characters
@ Mike - LOL! Yea I don't think Id be going ice fishing with him. I wont be ice fishing anytime soon either. Im happy with my 70 degree weather down here in Vegas. @ Larry - Last time you and I went + 1077 more characters
Um... I dont mean to bring this thread into the light again but wow... And does Mr.White know that he's on here. I had no clue he had committed a crime like this and I know him pretty well and think h + 770 more characters
GO LARRY! Norton 2011 FTW! I even have Symantec.com as my homepage. (Not even joking)
Wheres the ice cave located in the Pine Hills????
Nice people don't try to get other people fired from their job just because they dont like an OPINION thats posted on a PUBLIC forum abuot them. Thats childish. Milestowngal is related to one of the o + 195 more characters
LoL. Buck... I see everyone giving you crap on this site for your dark humor and your cynical attitude but I freakin love it. I love people that say whatever the hell they want! Keep exercising the fi + 63 more characters
Good. Thanks for helping me. Its illegal for them to be running a public gym. And actually I left on my own recognance. I owned my share fair and square and easilly could of gone back at anytime and f + 1044 more characters
LOL =) I'm just worried about kids getting hurt because they do NOT have proper training. Not to mention the building is a health hazard. Sorry Tom =( They got booted from that building anywa + 866 more characters
This gym is a fraud. The people currently running it have no education in health or fitness. Nor, do they have knowledge of the Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) sport itself. They recently lost the one person + 1373 more characters
Just so you know these fights wont be going on for long out here with the current promotors. The new owners of the "Miles City Cage" know NOTHING about the sport and have just recently pissed off ther + 569 more characters
I was driving past that same motor home last night admiring its beauty, talking to a friend about how we would love to own one, one day and as we saw that ugly spray paint on that magnificent paint jo + 316 more characters
Here's my final word on this as well.... The point I truly believe Kelsea is trying to make here is that our laws are not strict enough to deter people from stealing. They know its just a slap on the + 1235 more characters
What I don't understand is why you guys ALWAYS revert back to petty "put-downs". Every single one of you has a post on here with a grammatical or spelling error. Josh, I think your a highly intelligen + 727 more characters
I don't mean to steal this thread but I'm all for playdates! I have a 4 year old son and would LOVE to find some other 4 year olds for him to play with. My house is pretty fun for kids I would like to + 416 more characters
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