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Dave, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about your property tax assessments in Redmond, WA. I took a look at my assessment in Miles City, and they aren't determined the same way here in Miles Ci + 385 more characters
I think athome makes a good point. I am not sure what I think in regards to parking, but in regards to the other items mentioned. I think one of the things that is missing from downtown Miles City is + 164 more characters
First of all, thank you for posting the pamphlet, as I had not yet educated myself on the issue. Second, now that I have read the pamphlet, I have several questions that maybe someone can answer, most + 861 more characters
Is he a veteran? If so, have they tried the VA?
The VA
Could someone remind me what Obama's plan was 4 years ago, and what it is now? Oh yeah, I remember the 4 years ago the plan was Hope and Change.
I only saw the last half of the debate, but I thought it is an equal match. Both sides did a good job of presenting their ticket's viewpoints, and people just need to decide which viewpoint resonates + 196 more characters
Sounds like Ron Paul isn't too different than Obama was 4 years ago, then - "He's not afraid to give Americans no-nonsense straight talk about his completely delusional fantasy world." I'm surprised h + 21 more characters
Did anyone notice the large NOW HIRING sign at the front of Wal-Mart today?
My bracket is not fairing well.
Hmm. I was having problems as well at that time, and I thought it was a problem with my computer. Thanks to all of you, I know that it was midrivers.
Hmm, I just voted for Miles City, so it looked like the "past prize winner" glitch was fixed.
Weekday or weekend? What time of day? I would say around an hour... probably a little less.
Good job guys. The way I figure it, based on the rules, we are not going to get any money. It looks to me like the top 6 cities automatically get money, and then 1 city in each category. It looks like + 357 more characters
Well, if you end up finding a place, I'm willing to volunteer!
Hi. I'm looking for volunteer opportunities for weekdays after 5 p.m. or Saturdays. Does anyone know of places that need volunteers on evenings or Saturdays
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