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Are you trying to help us shoot him?
This is again the old saying 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'. If a parent has the brains to successfully home school, their child probably has the brains to succeed whether home schooled or + 145 more characters
I saw on the news the president is visiting the Gandhi Museum in Mumbai (old Bombay)when he is in India. The fruit has been known to injure or kill people when it falls from the trees. All the coconut + 311 more characters
I meant back in the day in MC Halloween was fun and mischief. Not going to church.
Well I sure don't see any manger scenes in government places.
That is one tasty meal. I sure hope I can get there. Ligonberries are a traditional Scandinavian food. It would be nice if you could add as a sauce or dessert.
I think it is pretty oblvious why 'God' isn't on money anymore....because of diversity. Don't you guys know that you can't pray or say the pledge 'under God' in schools anymore Well it is the same rea + 76 more characters
In old Miles Town the night before Halloween was GATE NIGHT. We tried to get a gate off the hinge and switch it with a neighboring gate. That was pretty hard so we teens did general mischief making. O + 103 more characters
Do the winners move to a more advanced tourney?
Well that is a wealth of information. What a surprise that my print is mislabeled. I better get better at research and not take things for face value. I will contact the Bozeman contact. Thanks for th + 398 more characters
You should see the elevator. It is a great antique. There is a room that has period furnishings. It's a great hotel. Congrats to the family that is running it. It is such a part of MC that we don't wa + 11 more characters
Back in 60's Coffrin Studio sold the Huffman Prints. They were located right before you went thru the underpass on the east side of Main by that Conoco Zabrocki owned. I bought me a small one. It is a + 426 more characters
I am not going to make it in until summer weather. I hope you get a good turnout. I don't suppose you could announce the winners here. I think that would be a good honor.
It would be kinda exciting if you could team up with poker leagues in surrounding towns like Glendive, Forsyth, Terry, Jordan....and have a tourney with the high point people. You mention a ladies lea + 55 more characters
This program sounds absolutely wonderful. What a great event to bring the community together. The historic Elks club on top of it. I attended the Elks Auctions back in the 60's. What a good time that + 246 more characters
We are fixing this problem. See the Open Mike thread as Frank says. Should be in this thread....but skates are such a need it is a common link in several threads today.
I am so happy we can band together to share and help each other so all can enjoy the outdoor activities in this community. Skating was cheap when I was growing up. Today skates can be over $100! I per + 789 more characters
If people do not believe, than they do not believe in Hell, and those that believe, believe in Hell, so they may go to Hell if they die at a time they are questioning their beliefs because they believ + 104 more characters
Well it was a bubble war. I don't quite understand what it has to do with zero gravity. But I now understand bubble wars. Wish I could understand the Iraq war as easily.
I still need to know the cash and how long the league is. This weather isn't good travel weather. I have to plan my town trips both monetarily and time wise. I don't want to be out on the prairie in t + 29 more characters
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