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Welcome to our world, we are in their training area, and get regular wakeup calls....all hours of the day and night!
Seems to me it is right with the owners, but hope you get the confusion cleared up. I know you are a good bunch of kids!
Richard...I knew a ranch hand named Tumbleweed when I was a kid
Wishing the crop walk the best of luck this weekend for an amazing turnout, and agreeable weather! Sister Ruth was an amazing women, I remember her going quietly in and out of your room checking on ev + 171 more characters
registration still available online! T-shirts ordered today! Hope to see you all there!
September 13, 2012 5K/10K WALK/RUN TO BE HELD OCT 14 FOR MONTANA FOOD BANK NETWORK "Hoofin' it for Hunger" event sponsored by Custer-Fallon Farm Bureau Miles City, MT - September 13, 2012 - A 5-kilom + 1653 more characters
If anyone has a few minutes...please vote for my brother's friend Steve McIntosh, and my brother Steve Ostendorf...and you could watch the is Awesome. Voting ends October 1st, and it is v + 101 more characters
Hoofin it for Hunger has a facebook page just search for it! Or go to to register or get more details! M
Last I knew he still had the same phone number he is just working from home!
Although I somewhat admire the idea of birthing at home...If I had done this I wouldn't be here with our little boys at all. I had a seemingly normal pregnancy and then had a blood clot hit my lungs d + 155 more characters
Pampered Chef, and Young Living Oils with biofeedback scanner (Zyto) See you there!
Richard....I have two boys, and this just isn't funny!
Ace is always helpful, and their peeps can sometimes even walk you through what you need to do, and if it is brand new, call where you bought it....I have a whirlpool I could sell you used parts off o + 103 more characters
@ Kelly and howdy...that is the "backside" of Mt. Rushmore...haven't you ever been there?? LOL, well someone had to say it!
I agree with Lucy the intersection on Lake and Pearl is bad, bushes on one side,and if you are coming from the main street side, and looking left for traffic, if there are vehicles there, it is almost + 19 more characters
I am Lillian's daughter Mollie, [email protected] there are lots of us out here, and we live on the original ranch, as does Grandma Helen (Ed's wife). I will rally the troops, and see what is goi + 26 more characters
I couldn't find a way to keep them out, but I found that a live trap in my vehicle was an effective way of keeping them under control....and my cats do like to wait under my vehicle, so they haven't b + 100 more characters
I say keep cheering...I figure even if we got 10,000 it is more than I can donate...but I can vote for free!
How awesome is that, I remember when I was a kid it was our favorite thing to convince my Grandpa to go do after church! Not that it took much convincing!
And to break a record of saying I agree with Kacey...not a good "issue" to discuss right now with hundreds of people mourning the loss of life. Does it make you stop and take notice any less, when the + 386 more characters
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