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guh i had one just like that and in better condition
I know quite a few people including myself that would go, and contrary to popular belief people in MC are willing to try new things at least once any ways.
Sorry Cindy, but you guys were and will always complain about that "fake" street. I do agree there should be a stop sign at the other end, but it was just as bad on comstock before and now its took th + 48 more characters
seems like a joke to me, kinda a good one at that
Never had a bad meal there or bad service. Brian is a great manager and does a great job to my knowledge. Your best bet is to talk to him after you get your poor service. They wont know what went wron + 101 more characters
Kind of seemed a little over the top for a high school convention. All this shows is everyone has a right to there own opinion, if I was there and felt uncomfortable I would have left, and if I was t + 166 more characters
Richard alot of the time when you say your praying for someone, there's not much you can do. I'm sure if they could magically wave there hands over someone to make them better, they probably would. P + 286 more characters
RE: OPEN SKATE 11 years ago
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That is correct, you are reading it right
Thats funny that a green pole rather than a brown pole makes it hard to see traffic. It must just be so mesmerizing/distracting to see around a vine that adds less than an inch of width to a telepho + 186 more characters
Oh wow, this is great, Jon Stewart is Amazingly smart.
too true Levi
JaDee, I'm sorry about the poor service you got at the Dairy Queen, I doubt you did talk to anyone with a "manager" tag at the DQ seeing as we dont have one like that. Also 19min seems like a bit far + 738 more characters
unfortunately they're not moving back, there is nothing illegal about it, it was an emergency move due to the gas leak and they didnt just do it just because. I agree with the parking issue at the oth + 211 more characters
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