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My original post has deteriorated as I probably could have anticipated. You are right Laurie, anonymity makes people as strong as the hulk; as wise as Confucius; smarter than Sherlock, and more compet + 560 more characters
I would like to ask the community to assist me with collecting informaiton regarding the vandalism at Roche Juan Fishing Access site. This site it enjoyed by the community and we should strive to prev + 342 more characters
Yes. I have noticed the wood cutting along the Tongue River and I have seen people doing it. I don't have any authority over those activities. It is not a fishing access area. But yes, I see how the t + 514 more characters
This is a short post to seek some help as well as just an FYI on some ways your resources and Fishing access sites are being used. I know we have all showed up somewhere and seen the messes and cursed + 2588 more characters
I am striving continually to encourage an open line of communication between Sportsman and Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. With this goal in mind I am curious what local groups are active in the Custer Cou + 536 more characters
Another act of vandalism has happened at Kinsey Bridge FAS around 6/13/2010. The mess was just cleaned up and the vandals came back and marked it again. Any information about these acts would be appre + 145 more characters
Vandals spray painted graffiti on the improvements at Kinsey Fishing Access Site. The vandalism occurred sometime between Saturday afternoon, June 5th and Monday, June 7, 2010. Local warden, Ryan Karr + 594 more characters
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