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Custer County Cemetery records list Albert O. Casey, born 1899, died 1917. He is buried in section B, lot 24. Specific death date is not listed, only year. Other Casey names who died about that time p + 185 more characters
I understand the earthquake was somewhere around Helena. My daughter and family felt it in Spokane.
Does anyone know the address of the Abbey Hospital here in Miles City? I was born there and would like to get a picture of it. I know that the Darcy Hospital was located at 714 S. Strevell.
We got a little over an inch on the East Side of Miles City
Gierke Distributing was bought out by OK Distributing and they are still in business. They are on Highway 12, phone number 234-1563.
Who won?
Movie just wouldn't be the same without Ouiser Boudreaux or the Armadillo cake.
Just wondering - Today the Iowans vote. Why do they vote almost 8 months before the rest of us? Do they vote again in November? I have heard the saying, "As the Iowans vote, so goes the country." Hard + 81 more characters
Scott Price was captured in Coeur-d'Alene, Idaho today. He had killed a man in Missoula and stabbed a woman. This information was given to Helen Martin by Miles City Policemen at the luncheon after Ed + 49 more characters
This number says it has a full message mailbox. Stopped at the High School Office and they do not have the Cowboy Cards. Where can I buy one?
Thanks HildyJill for posting this. It sounds good and I will definitely try it.
I'm looking for a recipe for pickled eggs. Does anyone have a favorite? My husband remembers the pickled eggs the bars used to serve (or maybe still do) and loved the flavor. I know I can find recipes + 86 more characters
Where did you find that word?
I think you meant Sunday the 28th. We will be there.
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that a lot of evergreen bushes in town are dying. Perhaps there is a bug infestation or something? The bushes at the courthouse are also afflicted. In driving + 103 more characters
Will the Cowboy Cards also be sold at the high school this year?
Peonies 9 years ago
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Just wondering if a peony bud will bloom after it is picked. I have one in a vase and don't want to throw it out if it is a potential bloom. Anyone know?
David - that's exactly what happened to me. We unplugged the TV for a day and night. It must have cooled off or something because when we plugged it in, it worked as if nothing was wrong. Thanks for y + 26 more characters
The electricity has been off last night and the night before. After the first black-out, we were unable to turn on our Panasonic flat screen television. Its only 18 months old. Yes, the fuses are all + 53 more characters
Am wondering where in Miles City I can view the Cat/Griz Game on TV. I do know it will be aired at the VFW. Anywhere else?
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