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I have a really old copy of "Bride Goes West", It's been a while since I've read it. I'll have to pick it up again.
I live 15 minutes north of Calgary Alberta, I wasn't aware anyone felt a shock way up here. I've been reading the paper every day and nothing has been mentioned about feeling tremors in Calgary.
Kinda makes me want to go out and buy Costco stock.
I believe www.discoveringmontana.com has a link to the sex offender list. It has been a while since I've been on it, so I don't remember the exact route to the right page. You can find out specificall + 235 more characters
Congratulations Julie! Would love to see the pictures too! Wendy
Thanks all for your help. Amorette, I do have renter's insurance, but it does not cover this incident because it is a fault in the building, therefore, it is the owner's responsibility. The water was + 1192 more characters
Does anyone know who owns the Custer Villa Apartments? I live in one of the apartments, and as of yesterday, my basement is completely flooded as well as at least 3 other apartments. The manager kindl + 733 more characters
What are you afraid of Rick? Just wondering. I would love to see the movie, but can't afford to go. Hope it is still playing after payday next week! Wendy
I'm not sure I could eat ... all the excitement! But one thing is for sure ... bury me with a fork ... the best is always saved for last. Wendy
Just wanted to hear what people have to say about online bachelor's degrees (of any kind). Do you think you can get as good an education online as in the traditional classroom setting? Give me your ad + 162 more characters
RE: Alaska 15 years ago
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Dear Jane, I have visited the UAA website many times and have information on the way. What I really need to know, and can't find out, is if there is family housing on campus. Thanks, Wendy
RE: Alaska 15 years ago
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Dear John Wayne, Thanks for the heads up on the ratio. I had heard about that a while back, but have gotten so caught up in the school and living arrangements, I'd forgotten about the keeping warm asp + 20 more characters
Alaska 15 years ago
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I would like to hear any comments about life in Alaska from people who maybe have, thought about, or know someone who lives there. I am thinking of completing my bachelor's degree at UA Anchorage. An + 27 more characters
Tucker, I'm impressed, you spelled that one work exactly the same, twice. I won't try to re-spell it, but I think you know which one I'm talking about. W.
RE: Hello all 15 years ago
The jam session at Veterans Park on Main every friday night is a great place to meet people and sample the local folk. Just plop down on a piece of grass beside someone and introduce yourself! I did t + 270 more characters
well, my repertoire includes Norah Jones, Nat King Cole, The Pope (he can really rock), and various soundtracks cause I like the variety they offer, Hits of the 70s and much more. I particularly like + 334 more characters
How does a person get involved in this stuff? I must not pay enough attention. I would love to be involved in entertainment! Who is in charge? I sing, I dance, I act ... Wendy
Thanks Johnnie, I don't get the paper, it is not something I can afford, so I miss out on a lot of stuff. Soon after I posted my message, Curt Almy called to ask if my son wanted to ride his unicycle + 206 more characters
Does anyone know what is going on this weekend for the Independence Day Holiday? I would love to take part in anything going on, but can't find out anything. Any info would be appreciated. WendyB
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