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Somebody needs to update the clock/time reporting on this thing: Example - right now it's 1:07 - then look above to see what time it posts.
As far as the definition of "The Church" - there are the original founders of organized religion who used their religion to control the masses. There are also an unbelievable amount of variations of C + 882 more characters
California is not as forward thinking as you might like to think. I moved there thinking they were, what I found was a police state. Racism and classism is alive and well in California - especially So + 732 more characters
Great! Let's start a Center for spiritual living shall we?!
You haven't lived in California lately.....
Christianity ISN'T about control - that's my point. THE CHURCH misinterprets Jesus and throws control into the mix. If hell is part of the package - I want no part of it. Jesus didn't sell hell to the + 394 more characters
I think you're missing my point entirely.
Exactly - that goes for the ones that were included as well. Why would the "official" Bible ignore the childhood and young adult ages of Jesus? If he was special - wouldn't he have always been that wa + 899 more characters
"The canon as it stands today was chosen at least 1200 years before the KJV was translated. And more modern non-KJV translations don't rely on the King James translation at all." Yes - and there have + 182 more characters
No one likes to live in fear - so why subscribe to any religion that promotes it? The promotion of fear in religion, has been abused by politicians and governments, all over the world. Control of the + 817 more characters
I like what Steve said. It is what it is. The Universe works with you - it always says yes. What you put out is exactly what you get - it's like a radio dial - you tune it to 88.1 and you get 88.1 - m + 563 more characters
Josh: "I am a Christian, I believe whole heartily that Jesus died for my sins, and that if you don't believe the same then you might find yourself in hell someday. However, I also believe that it is y + 1112 more characters
Cyber cafe corner in there would be good where they have gaming chairs and they can play multiplayer games. That way they're interacting. I do think that other things should be available (pool table, + 1861 more characters
In fact, bluetooth is less distracting than passengers in your vehicle. Most people end up using eye contact with their passengers while driving, have children in the backseat demanding attention, etc + 130 more characters
Hands free devices offer voice recognition. You just push the button on the earpiece, it asks you to say a command, you speak and it dials. It's great!
In California, I worked many jobs and some were from home. I often found that in the car was the only "quiet" time I had to make important phone calls because I have two toddlers. Talking on a hands-f + 160 more characters
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