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Well that's too bad. I like KFC. Was hoping it would stick this time. Maybe now the Airport will bring back fried chicken!
KFC / A&W 5 months ago
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My wife was in MC today and wanted to bring home a bucket of KFC, but she said it's closed and looks like it might be a permanent closure. Is this true? What happened?
Is there a candy wholesaler in Miles City?
Most of my high school career, I ate lunch at the Joseph Cafe (in Forsyth). I would get a burger, crinkle fries and a Pepsi for a dollar. At some point the fries went up by a dime. On Friday nights af + 412 more characters
The ice on the Yellowstone hasn't gotten very thick at all this winter so ice is probably not going to be a huge problem this year. At least, that's the way it looks around here.
Well let's see. Todd Rundgren, Carole King, Tina Turner are long past due. The Foo Fighters are due. Devo - does anybody really care about those goofballs? Kate Bush - deserving probably, but maybe + 1037 more characters
The states are always saying they don't want the feds to get involved. (Remember what happened in Oregon when the feds tried to restore order there? Huge outcry from the state.) All the states have to + 756 more characters
I fail to see what Biden did to earn this honor. He barely even campaigned to get a job he hasn't even started to do yet. This cover is about a year premature.
Well whether the dude is a Trump fan or not, he's correct.... the mask directive IS NOT a law and it DOES NOT have any force of law, therefore you cannot be ticketed, detained or otherwise punished fo + 319 more characters
Rumor has it that the sale fell through due to other reasons than the plague, but since I have not talked to the actual parties I won't spread it further here. It would take a very special type of per + 1286 more characters
I heard yesterday that they are expecting to re-open on 2/14.
See that's the kind of condescending comment that prevents rational discussion.
You think you're going to find anyone "on the fence" in THIS group?
Is this open yet? I'm craving me some KFC!
Any idea when the A&W/KFC will be open?
I'll vote for anyone I darn well want to (I don't care what party they're in). Given some of the nonsense that's spewing out of the campaigns, it's getting really difficult to pick out the least-crazy + 66 more characters
I remember the "disco" days of Kelly's quite well. I was in my early 20s at the time. It did indeed have a "disco ball" (although the proper term is "mirrorball"), and a lot of black lights, but not a + 526 more characters
That is a pretty weak list this year considering all the great bands/artists that aren't in the Hall. If you are a Sirius XM subscriber, listen to Howard Stern's interviews with Steve Miller and Cheap + 768 more characters
I couldn't watch the parade either. It would play for about 5 seconds, then "buffer" for about 15 seconds, repeat repeat. I gave up around 9:15. Later in the day when there was nothing but traffic to + 144 more characters
I probably was last at a BHS weekend in the late 80s, except for a few years ago when we went to MC for lunch and forgot it was BHS weekend. I've never been to any of the fairgrounds BHS events. I was + 199 more characters
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