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That is a pretty weak list this year considering all the great bands/artists that aren't in the Hall. If you are a Sirius XM subscriber, listen to Howard Stern's interviews with Steve Miller and Cheap + 768 more characters
I couldn't watch the parade either. It would play for about 5 seconds, then "buffer" for about 15 seconds, repeat repeat. I gave up around 9:15. Later in the day when there was nothing but traffic to + 144 more characters
I probably was last at a BHS weekend in the late 80s, except for a few years ago when we went to MC for lunch and forgot it was BHS weekend. I've never been to any of the fairgrounds BHS events. I was + 199 more characters
Hillary didn't "win," she got more of the popular vote, but according to the rules of the game she was playing, that't not necessarily how you win the game. She's supposed to be so smart, she should h + 436 more characters
That probably should read, "alternative Verizon plans that are much more expensive than what they're paying now." Many national companies that do business in Montana lose money here compared to other + 327 more characters
Apparently United stopped at $800 but could have gone to $1350 for volunteers. I saw an interview with the guy who shot the "famous" video, and he said people in the plane were yelling for United to " + 801 more characters
Maybe you could make it an option to turn it on or off via the user's settings.
I loved that menu. I miss "nice" restaurants with "regular" food. Nowadays they are all trying to out-fancy each other and have made it more difficult for "comfort food" fans such as myself to get a s + 36 more characters
I don't even know when I first met George, but it had to be at least 25 or more years ago. We didn't talk all that often but I considered him a good friend. Occasionally we would need a movie poster f + 223 more characters
Haha, that's pretty funny....making fun of older people for not being "with it." The old people always have the last laugh though, because they know that in about 20 years your generation will be in t + 87 more characters
I don't post much because I'm not from Miles City, but I visit there a lot (most recently: yesterday). I find this site an interesting read, but the political and religious jabber, which has been poi + 554 more characters
Actually that list up there is completely meaningless because anybody, including a former President, can say they're going to vote for Clinton or Mickey Mouse or the tooth fairy, and then when they ge + 300 more characters
The operative words are "presenting herself as." It doesn't mean she really is all those things.
I think Hillary will win (I've thought that since she was still "undecided" on whether to run) but Trump could be just one sincere apology from proving me wrong. If he would just take some advice from + 718 more characters
I guess the biggest adjustment the news media needs to make about Trump is, he doesn't mean half of what he says. He's sarcastic a lot. He runs off at the mouth. Kind of like the "Russia, please find + 247 more characters
I miss the days when every restaurant wasn't just trying to "out fancy" the others with their food. When they would just have a nice atmosphere and good quality. I guess those aren't enough these days + 56 more characters
We used to do occasional business with Gierke's Distributing, are they still around or is there another similar dealer?
That seems backward. The online version of the Billings Gazette gets posted around 12:30 AM on the publication date. (Granted, they're a little more tech-y than the Star.)
Seems like every year I hope to take my wife to the parade, but I always wind up having to work. So I catch bits and pieces of it on the webcam when I can. As for the bar scene...welll I used to do th + 584 more characters
I think Hillary Clinton will win the election. One of two things will happen: Trump will get the Republican nomination and she'll beat him because she'll have: - Most of the party-line Democrats - A m + 524 more characters
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