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I heard that the painter is the tattoo artist on Main Street. I don't know who the artist is but it is absolutely great!! We kept driving by last weekend to check the progress, from the fireman washin + 41 more characters
There is a story in tonight's MC Star. It sounds very, very serious.
Wendy, We missed you but had your mother back to carry the team to victory. Mary Partridge
Cori, Are you still planning a 4th of July thing? I sang before and loved it.
You need to publish an address for sending donations. Possibly Amorette would agree to let you use her mailing address. Put out the word as Miles City is full of animal lovers. I know I would certainl + 71 more characters
We need 1. a dry cleaner 2. an ordinary shoe shoe ala NZ (The owner of NZ shoes probably quit because I-94 was available more than any other reason. He's now in Sioux Falls with a new store selling or + 816 more characters
I have used the services of Eric's firm, espicially Brandon. Where's Brandon? Is he still in Miles City? I would really like to get in touch with him as I need some network changes made. Anybody know?
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