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Gunnar, why do you hate glendive so much, I've noticed you always talk bad about them, how dumb they are. or how worse, they became tell us. ??????
Amorett, is right though !!!
lol, all he does is walks he 's dog, neon, don't be paranoid !
Thy shall not judge thy neighbor !!!
by the way buck why are you responding to these forume when you dont even live here
Bonine JR. Im waiting for u to say somthing?
ashley Dawn dont forget half of these people dont even live here. that are responding to these' forume.
I do have to say that I understand what they meant by sophisticated food being on the menu. I don't know how many times my nine year old has asked me "whats that?" and I have to explain in simple term + 200 more characters
Thank you Mrs. Huffman for your post on the matter. For the record I think you all do a wonderful job on taking care of our children!! =D
No they can't do that but they can send out a notice every single day when your child's lunch account is getting close to zero. Notice I said getting close. Last year I had over ten dollars in the acc + 154 more characters
Glad someone notice
Well I apologize, people I can not be on here anymore. I know you everyone will miss me. Also, this name is not even mine. I was using someone else.
Buck, Is that all you got? That took a lot of neurons...ouch!
Howdy, How was that a compliment learn how to read.....WOW!!
Here comes the hate forums
Howdy, Why thank you for the nice compliment. Did not know your name was Bridgier either TARD ! ! !
bridgier, did you not read the forums??
Glenna Bolton, Tell the people to stop having kids, or go get a Job, and start supporting themselves, instead of depending on other people! !
Tim Miles Did not know your name was Bridgier?? Thank You Colorado!!!!
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