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Why is it that people on here call people ignorant and stupid if thier opinion is different from what they believe? I think it is funny because the ones who are posting on here calling others ignorant + 820 more characters
When are the sign ups for the next season of soccer and where do we get all the info?
wow, that was nice. is the most negative people bashing website I have ever read. Just moved to town and used this site as a tool to find out fun things going on in town but have found it to be a big downer + 330 more characters
WOW thought I moved to a town of conservatives only to find a bunch of liberals that are all for murdering innocent babies that have no voice....
I turned out so daughter had a blast. Thanks for all the planning and volunteers that made the day so special for so many little girls of Miles City!!!!!!
Thanks so much to all that posted on here all of the things going on for Easter. We will head down to the park on Sat for sure. This will help my daughter to have a good time since this is her first E + 57 more characters
you have to pay for service rendered but not for service not recieved therefore you need to write a letter stating your concerns and request proof of fulfilment of said agreement.
matt My family and I just moved to Miles City from Washington and so far we love it here. It is for sure small town but that is one of the things that make it so much better. Small towns are the best + 1787 more characters
Does anyone know if there are any Easter egg hunts planned in the community? I have been looking and have had no luck. We are new to Miles City and we have a daughter who is 8 and we don't want her to + 81 more characters
I have a opinion on tattoos as well I was at a cafe the other day and this guy was there with his wife and kid good looking family but the entire cafe was staring at his arms covered in tattoos. who t + 268 more characters
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