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If they are willing to die, then let them. Cut the power, and barricade them in. nothing in nothing out.
@Tim Wagner look into Kodi I use it for tons of channels free. will need to use google or youtube on how to add them though.
Good read, and very good information. too many people don't back-up their files/pictures/media until something bad happens, such as this or a drive crashing. My sisters mother-in-law had this same thi + 177 more characters
good luck with that, my mom could not get into her hotmail account, still going circles to try and get it back. we have talked to support on phone/ chat support several times and they all say the same + 136 more characters
yeah this is a joke with their "in stock for 1 hour" crap.. most all them items require you to get a braclet to beable to get the ones in store. they advertise "6pm starts" yet i showed up about 35 mi + 935 more characters
oops This Saturday, August 6th
Breath of Air Campaign Who: Michael LaFayette What: Benefit Auction and dinner to help fund a double lung transplant, and costs associated with it.( traveling to and from Seattle ) Where: Eagles in th + 989 more characters
Nice, Thanks for sharing that link, I did not know it was on msnbc.com.
yeah I thought about suggesting you your "final" suggestion as well howdy, but didn't think it would be a wise path
Try the police again, if they don't do crap, have a lawyer assist in getting a restraining order.. if you got letters and stuff from him saying he intends to harm you, then you should have no problem + 208 more characters
For those who are collecting donations for the auction/dinner benefit, please visit url to view a list of business who have already donated. Also please let me or Tina know who you get donations from + 132 more characters
its a branch of stockmanbank going up
LOL thats funny as hell. Dump of the month.. wow thanks for making my morning haha.
Can anyone tell me who I would contact about getting use of the Omni center? Thanks, Michael
seriously if u tell them to leave, and they don't that is trespassing.. or if they barge their way in to your house, or open the door without permission. I have no idea why they can not be arrested..
Yes was well said. Will be many days in the winder when Moon Creek Road will be drifted in, or the Interstate so bad you can't get to town. I not trying to discourage you on moving here, as it is a gr + 118 more characters
Good point Richard, MC stays between what about 8,000 - 10,000 population?
If you could get the propper permits from custer county I am sure one would do well. I remember alot of people used to talk about how they would always go to Hathaway before it burned down. You will w + 268 more characters
mcs- it could possibly be, but unlikely cause its a fairly new machine, bad cpu goop.. I know on older machines the goop that goes on the CPU under the heatsink tends to dry out, and your cpu will ten + 761 more characters
I made up a quick website that has alot of information about me, cf, and the fundraising stuff. url I will be updating this more as I feel well enough to. Breath of Air Campaign for Michael LaFayette + 56 more characters
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