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Did you seriously compare being a PRISONER OF WAR to getting a participation award in school? ARE YOU F@#$&*! SERIOUS? The fact that these men kept their mouths shut and didn't leak security secrets + 446 more characters
I'm thinking it might take them a while to respond. My guess is that they'll take the opportunity to shame Hillary Clinton over something she's done, while completely ignoring how disgusting Trump's a + 81 more characters
A man that doesn't live up to his word. url
Please, explain to me how you can vote for this man. If you consider yourself a patriot in any way, how can you cast your vote for man with such vile beliefs.
So, SOMEONE has a hero. SOMEONE looks toward the KKK as a model of honor. A good friend of mine shared this with me the other day and I have a hard time understanding how anyone is capable of being so + 250 more characters
The difference between Democrats and Republicans, is that the front runner of the Republican party is essentially suggesting that the Democratic front runner should be stopped at all costs, even if th + 66 more characters
If we're going to discuss African Wildlife, I wish Mr. Pew&Sparkle would: GIRAFE (get it right after failing expatiation)
Oh good... The "Brown Shirts" are back. Those who have no valid argument regress to childlike name calling. Either add to the conversation or take your pity party back to the corner and think about a + 31 more characters
"I've always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier." -says a man who knows NOTHING about sacrifice. -says a man who is willing to accept praise for the accomplishments of others. -says + 114 more characters
When an foreign group of people from an adversarial country hacks into our government systems and obtains classified information, we call that espionage. When a US citizen hacks into our government s + 811 more characters
I just hope they have food! It would be awesome to have a place to get some really good appetizers and a decent drink.
I definitely keep those things in mind. I've lived here quite a while, but it just seems like no one I know actually goes camping. Everywhere else I've lived, its been a staple of weekend activity. I + 140 more characters
Is this real? Do people out here in the east camp? If so, where is YOUR favorite place to camp in this neck of the woods or lack there of?
You misspelled 'misspelled'.
Mr. ZZZzzz, What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be consider + 145 more characters
url The 2 boys being held are from Sudan. The youngest, a 7 year old, is from Iraq. None of them were refugees. None of them were from Syria. No knife was used. No rape occurred. Now, if you feel lik + 522 more characters
YOU DON'T GET IT. You scream "REFUGEES RAPED LITTLE GIRL" No refuges... No rape... You USED her trauma to push your agenda. Don't turn our collective pity for a poor innocent child into fuel for you + 13 more characters
This thread has made me question my grasp of the English language. There appear to be English words written. They appear to be in some rational order, though they make NO sense to me. Maybe my fake Me + 87 more characters
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