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Happy Birthday Larry! Hope you get to do something special today.
I keep trying to respond to keep this in the top of the posts...hoping to get more interest from the Class of '85.
Good to get your email. Sounds like there is a lot of interest in carrying out a 25 year reunion. Can't wait! Thanks Jody!
I talked to a Sacred Heart alum Class of 85....she sounded very interested and was going to do some checking with others.
How's the progress on your classmate list and responses received?
I'm hoping the word will spread and reach the majority of the class. Come on everyone...spread the word!
Thanks again Jody for keeping on top of this. I hope more interested people come forward!
Hi Ragna, Does Jody have your email address? If not, just respond to her above and she will send you a survey.
Haven't heard much lately on this...just checking back in. Any news Jody?
you end up with dam ice.
Wow, that's not very many...I hope you get more than that.
Who else is out there from the class of 1985 that didn't get the survey mentioned above??
Not a bad start. Let's hope the word gets out, and more people respond!
Jody, How are the survey responses coming? Thanks again for heading this up.
Sounds like a good time! I've forwarded the survey to others. Hope you get a good response!
Going by the signatures on the pages, it is probably Melissa Olson's book.
Perhaps Buck was suggesting to Stephenie that she purchase your reasonably priced laptop?
Easy recipe: Ritz crackers smooth peanut butter chocolate and/or almond bark sprinkles Spread wax paper over cookie sheet or use the counter Spread peanut butter between two crackers (I usually do the + 364 more characters
eyeball popcorn ball
Hi Shumon! You're almost correct, it's dime if you tell me that you love me. It was an old song that I always thought was cute. I will pass on your greetings to Scott. Roni
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