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Out here at Moon Creek the old Moon Creek school lost a bit of its roof, trees were uprooted and broken off. Several ended up across the roads. The thing that *blew* (ha ha) me away was seeing those g + 137 more characters
I have a TON of dill - how much do you need?
One thing I'll never forget: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species!
We went today, but did not hear it mentioned. Maybe someone else did?
One came by here tonight too. I couldn't understand how the sales pitch worked so I said no. Definitely fast-talking.
Having to be 20 feet away from a property line seems pretty tough, especially when you take into account most people have neighbors on the left, right, and back. Then in addition to that you need to h + 404 more characters
Any changes to allow chickens in town yet? What's the status of the animal bill that would have allowed this?
Mr. Hunt, Thank you so much for trying. Unfortunately here, everyone is tolerant of everything except for *gasp* Christians.
Visit this link for more actual information: url
The point I was trying to make, was, if the old-style grammar of the KJV turns you off, there are some others out there that don't compromise the overall meaning of the message. There is always nit-pi + 388 more characters
I can totally understand the frustration with the Thee and Thou, etc. That drove me crazy when I first started reading the Bible - turned me off of it for many years actually. There are some really go + 654 more characters
I am confused. In my bible John 18:16 says, "Peter had to stay outside the gate. Then the disciple who knew the high priest spoke to the woman watching watching at the gate, and she let Peter in."
Why would anyone spank a ONE year old?
The link posted above is an EXCELLENT article on the new thinking regarding autism. Both of our 2 children have been diagnosed with varying degrees of autism. One is now totally off the autism spectru + 601 more characters
I have one for you - the BASEMENT of First National / First Bank / US Bank is pretty much intact. My grandmother, Louise Tucker, used to work there with your father way back when. I think maybe you ba + 583 more characters
Your timing is perfect! There is a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers Meeting) coming up. I've been going to MOPS for a couple of years and it is a very nice, friendly group. We usually have a DVD of a mot + 565 more characters
How about commercials being louder than the program? That's my complaint. I swear, I get the TV volume just right, then onto the commercial with the girl in her jammies and the volume skyrockets - I M + 93 more characters
Joe Biden would be Beans Harpoon Palin. John McCain would be Steam Fangs Palin. I put in Barack Obama and his was the same as my name (???) Tarp Lazer Palin Sarah Palin would be Flack Gobbler Palin
Amorette is right about the Barbies. And most of the other toys. There are about 45 twistie-ties per item, and they all seem to be twisted in a different direction. There can only be clockwise or coun + 496 more characters
Okay - I'll try to redirect this. I have a serious question that's been on my mind. We have a room in our house which faces west, and has a large entry door that's mostly glass window (appx. 3' x 7' g + 714 more characters
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