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I was one of the crazies enjoying the night Friday at 1:30AM... and alerting drunk peoples to the Miles City Live camera staring them down. One could say I had my fair share of drinking that night.
So... I get this pretty well Larry. I spend around $5k a year on my hosting for my various websites, all of which are paid properties from clients but one... but Ad-sense does force my hand in decisio + 495 more characters
Here in Baker, I currently subscribe to the "Hometown Bundle" through Mid-Rivers. That provides a home telephone (Not hooked up, cause I do not care for it) and their 50MBPS Down and 20MBPS up connect + 1148 more characters
Tim, I watch TruTV through the TruTV Apple App Store App. url However, I also use to consume their content. It has all the shows I want to watch, so I am not sure what you are trying to acc + 475 more characters
There is literally nothing on the website Amorette.
Well then. I better watch my P's and Q's otherwise this crazy lady may come after me... However. Where is this awesome whatever-the-hell-it-is website? I tried the link, which takes me to a landing pa + 338 more characters
I have cable tv in my apartment here in Baker, however I do not have it connected to my HDTV. They dropped the channels I wanted years ago, and since then I just consume my content online. TruTV is my + 227 more characters
LRS 2014... Whomever you may be... I hope your New Years Resolution is to be gifted a dictionary.
Go for it Rockstar. My private medical information isn't anything major. However, when you work in the news industry, you report the news. Does it matter to you this man and his wife are and were clos + 331 more characters
For the information of "Rockstar"... I work in the media. I report the news multiple times a day. Along with Sports, Weather, Local events and more. So by ME releasing the names on here, all is well. + 311 more characters
It is a very sad day indeed. I hope the MCPD finds the one who did this to Ed and Helen, and sentence them to death. Those two are the sweetest couple around, and the only reason someone would be mad + 79 more characters
Oh Amorette, my level of respect for you has gone through the roof. FNC is hilariously terrible. I watch it whenever I want to hear the lies, just how I use The Onion as my online news entertainment. + 230 more characters
Thanks Steve for the business lesson, however if they wish to bring down the cost of television why do they raise the bill either way? Also, thanks for batting on Team "Your Community Partner". Hanna + 151 more characters
NAKED GRANDMA!!!!!!! (Silence)
Today I decided I wanted to watch "@Midnight" on Comedy Central, but use the website to do so. I've done this in the distant past, so no big deal.. Or so I thought. Now I am provided this message on l + 252 more characters
I would not trust a public PC to manage my personal files or website user accounts ever. Even if you are able to clear cache/history etc, the PC may be running software that is keeping track of everyt + 173 more characters
Anytime. The dear thing is something I picked up from my uncle years ago and it just stuck. Like how I also say ma'am and sir a lot haha.
Hey Larry, I just noticed tonight that the 3rd advert is cut off on my screen resolution of 1366x768. It is cut halfway through the box so I cannot read the ad in full unless I zoom the website out a + 45 more characters
I did not mean to come off that way Wendy. Text based responses cannot reflect attitude. I call most people dear in person, if that is why you feel I was being condescending. I do apologize that I c + 76 more characters
To provide a bit more detailed insight Wendy my dear, depending on which iPad you have and what Flash Drive you have, you could purchase the Camera Connection Kit that basically grants the iPad with + 907 more characters
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