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Like Bridgier, I would like to see the authority for comments that Democrats are holding up the stimulus package on climate change issues. The only support for that position that I am aware of is in a + 45 more characters
Obviously, a small amount of information can be a problem for some people. MCA, §45-8-111, stated above, is taken directly from the Montana Code Annotated and was cited by Shipley as authority? In Mon + 276 more characters
I don’t believe that he was ever charged in District Court. In fact, a charge of Public Nuisance would not be prosecuted in District Court. The only way it could be in District Court is if he were to + 74 more characters
Before the Plaza location, the Garberson Clinic was located above the Foster Drug Store (now Big Sky Pharmacy). Its entrance was on 7th Street.
MCA, Section 45-8-111 provides that a Public Nuisance means: (a) a condition that endangers safety or health, is offensive to the senses, or obstructs the free use of property so as to interfere with + 1603 more characters
I see Trump is busy pardoning the white collar and political criminal swamp, sending his message to his crime family and associates not to worry. He should be impeached, if not for high crimes, misdem + 1305 more characters
I remember the ice house on Yellowstone in the 40s.
Every American, not just American veterans, should support running Trump out of the White House and DC. His last disrespectful and moronic comment should do it. Of the soldiers who suffered traumatic + 370 more characters
Republican candidate for governor, Giantforte, has surpassed one million dollars in raising funds for the governor’s race. Are you ready for another Republican governor after sixteen years of competen + 2212 more characters
We had Moscow Mitch, later Chicken Kiev Mitch. Now we have Taliban Trump threatening to bomb Iranian cultural sites. Trump threatening such war crimes demonstrates his illiterate ignorance, including + 95 more characters
While the House of Representatives was voting to impeach Donald Trump, he was busy at a campaign rally in Michigan making jokes about the late World War II Veteran, Rep. John Dingell -- mocking his wi + 355 more characters
This country has never been subjected to such corruption as Trump has engendered. They are all dirty from top to bottom, from the president, attorney general, secretary of state, white house counsel, + 190 more characters
It irks me to listen to or read opinions of citizen experts who are terrified by the term socialism. If you ask them if they have any grandparents or parents who rely on Social Security payments and + 446 more characters
I’d sooner gnaw off my arm than cast a vote for Trump. While I am not supporting Warren in the 2020 election, I will, without hesitation, add that intellectually Trump couldn’t carry her purse. Trump + 362 more characters
If you’ve been following the trade deal with Japan in the papers you’ve been privy to one of Trump’s mental illnesses. Trump caused the problem for Montana’s agricultural community. Now with the sign + 576 more characters
I had a letter to the editor in the Billings Gazette about a week ago that touches on the subject of impeachment. Additionally, I have now concluded that there are no republicans in congress that are + 1457 more characters
Way back, once upon a time, too long ago for members of congress to recall, William Barr was aka, ‘Coverup-Bob.’ That was when, as Attorney General, he was busy obtaining pardons for Caspar Weinberger + 132 more characters
Trump’s ego and self-importance know no bounds. Now he’s issued his illegal presidential permit for the construction of the XL Keystone pipeline across the United States. If constructed it would cros + 901 more characters
No Collusion, Trump Exonerated! Not so fast. Do you recall the Senate hearing on Attorney General Barr? Isn’t it a little odd that about a year before his appointment to AG he wrote his little ‘unsoli + 1002 more characters
Trump and the Trumpsters constantly rant about the criminality of Hispanic and undocumented immigrants. There is no question about it. The Trump crime family and Trump’s administration appointees, per + 48 more characters
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