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So the guy was at the doctor’s office. The doctor came into the room and said I’m sorry, but you have HAGS. The guy said HAGS, what is HAGS? The doctor said, it’s Herpes, Aids, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis + 247 more characters
On January 16, 2020, I had a letter in this Star that was entitled ‘Prepare for calamity if a Republican is elected for governor.’ I dislike platitudes such as I told you so. However, current news com + 2619 more characters
Someone has just enough religion in him to hate, but not enough to abide by the so-called Ten Commandments. Someone also has just enough intelligence to read and write, but not enough to realize that + 67 more characters
Republicans are imperiling everyone. Almost 50 percent of them are taking the position of not being vaccinated against the Covid virus. If they read or understand anything, they would know that the lo + 712 more characters
It's not irrigation or our aquifers that is the problem, the problem is acid rain. I have had a swimming pool for about 50 years. Thirty years ago rain had no effect on the ph of our pool. Starting ab + 206 more characters
Tons of benefits-what benefits? Our capital was open for all to enjoy until Trump's wacko wingnut supporters trashed it, including leaving it strewn with their urine and feces.
I know that some of you are ‘oil and gas’ and XL Pipeline supporters. The problem is ‘oil and gas’ has a terminal illness called electricity. I enjoy cars, especially fast cars, but there is an end ga + 1151 more characters
I thought I had heard it all until this morning, on the radio, when I heard a Republican talking point attempting to cool support for Biden’s pandemic stimulus bill. As you will recall, we didn’t hear + 711 more characters
This Qanon crap is the hallmark of stupidity. Obviously, there are some Qanon believers and participants whose brains are likely rotting inside in their skulls. And a cursory glance at some posts on + 1391 more characters
The Republicans are worried about Antifa and want to have it declared a terrorist organization. Gunner is right on, Antifa consists of Americans who are anti-fascist. This should come as no surprise. + 201 more characters
Maybe it’s the R by the Republican legislator’s names that drives them crazy. I don’t know, maybe lining their caps and hats with aluminum foil would help. I do know the worst has happened, we now hav + 79 more characters
Hey, in case you missed it in the news, today is the anniversary of Non-Sequiturs, isn't it?
It also sucked!!!
Illiteracy may well be the end of this Democratic Republic. Whether the apparent half-wits are trolls roleplaying or are actually as ignorant and illiterate as their persona it is of no consequence. I + 208 more characters
The murmuration is as good as ever. Now, as of February 2, it is from 5 to 5:00 to 5:15 P.M.
I see McCarthy, Republican House Minority leader, traveled to Florida for his marching orders from Trump. I wouldn’t allow the unenlightened, orange headed, cockroach into my house to use my toilet. H + 405 more characters
If anyone is interested in an exquisite bird show, I suggest that you show up at the corner of 5th and Main Street between 4:30 and about 4:50 P.M. There you will be treated to a Starling murmuration + 126 more characters
I take the comment about 11,000 jobs as a dig at the canceling of the XL pipeline. This figure is a gross exaggeration. Further, once a pipeline is in, employment, other than some maintenance employee + 1451 more characters
You know........The very rich and the very poor also have something in common. The law forbids the very rich and the very poor from sleeping in doorways, begging on the street corner and stealing brea + 17 more characters
Trump’s legacy is the damage he has done to American democracy. The mobs of Trump supporters, incited by him, laying siege to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, was the culmination of the destruction + 1680 more characters
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