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This country has never been subjected to such corruption as Trump has engendered. They are all dirty from top to bottom, from the president, attorney general, secretary of state, white house counsel, + 190 more characters
It irks me to listen to or read opinions of citizen experts who are terrified by the term socialism. If you ask them if they have any grandparents or parents who rely on Social Security payments and + 446 more characters
I’d sooner gnaw off my arm than cast a vote for Trump. While I am not supporting Warren in the 2020 election, I will, without hesitation, add that intellectually Trump couldn’t carry her purse. Trump + 362 more characters
If you’ve been following the trade deal with Japan in the papers you’ve been privy to one of Trump’s mental illnesses. Trump caused the problem for Montana’s agricultural community. Now with the sign + 576 more characters
I had a letter to the editor in the Billings Gazette about a week ago that touches on the subject of impeachment. Additionally, I have now concluded that there are no republicans in congress that are + 1457 more characters
Way back, once upon a time, too long ago for members of congress to recall, William Barr was aka, ‘Coverup-Bob.’ That was when, as Attorney General, he was busy obtaining pardons for Caspar Weinberger + 132 more characters
Trump’s ego and self-importance know no bounds. Now he’s issued his illegal presidential permit for the construction of the XL Keystone pipeline across the United States. If constructed it would cros + 901 more characters
No Collusion, Trump Exonerated! Not so fast. Do you recall the Senate hearing on Attorney General Barr? Isn’t it a little odd that about a year before his appointment to AG he wrote his little ‘unsoli + 1002 more characters
Trump and the Trumpsters constantly rant about the criminality of Hispanic and undocumented immigrants. There is no question about it. The Trump crime family and Trump’s administration appointees, per + 48 more characters
Did he go by the name of or was he called Corky Beeler? There was a Corky Beeler on the Miles City police force in the late 50s and very early 60s.
I would be interested in knowing what Obama did or promoted that would be classified as Marxist-Communist. Karl Marx was obviously on to something when he said, shortly before his death, “may the bour + 90 more characters
Oddjob wrote: What "damage" to "our form of government" has Trump managed to accomplish in two short years? Be specific and cite credible references, please. Okay Oddjob, how about Donald Trump, head + 2708 more characters
An example of wimpy Democrats helping wreck this Republic is when they allowed Clarence Thomas to be seated on the Supreme Court of the United States. Aside from the fact that he was not qualified, th + 1100 more characters
Agent Orange, this week, caused a significant downsizing of our ability to stop foreign election interference. Today he will sign his “national emergency” declaration to build his racist wall along ou + 499 more characters
As they say in New Orleans, "what super bowl?"
We should start by stopping the insane piece of ****, on his vanity wall. Write Tester and tell him. It's time to stop the insanity and we'll get rid of Agent Orange later. As for you supporters of Ag + 368 more characters
Mr. stable genius is feeling unloved so he is going on national TV. Because he is feeling unloved, I propose that he be provided the warm firm embrace of a straight jacket.
When we jail pea brain, we'll have to make sure his outfit is the right tint of jail house orange so it doesn't clash with his cheeto head.
Yes, cheese on it, everyone has to pay a sales tax. Think about it. If you have a problem understanding that a sales tax is regressive, spring for a calculator. Consider this simplistic example. Using + 1201 more characters
You people have been drinking the tainted koolaid put out by the Republicans. I don't care how you dress it up, a sales tax is a regressive tax that lands squarely on the backs of the middle class and + 21 more characters
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