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Joe Maga heard the anti-vaxxers say Dewormer, not the vaccine, kills those germs. Joe Maga died of Covid. Joe is gone. His body, though, remains quite free of worms. Calvin Trillin, The Nation.
The statistics are interesting, however relative to the virus and how we coping with it, they are more disgusting than interesting. The statistics serve notice to the ignorant, egocentric and selfish + 1371 more characters
Yes, I support Biden. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised by the right winger’s, including Trumper’s, failure to analyze an issue. It is much easier to just regurgitate Fox ‘news’ and Republican sound bi + 1559 more characters
A presidential coup? Did that seem silly? Well not, apparently, to Mark A. Milley. Who braced his troops because of thinking, “Will he?” So that’s how grave this coup threat was. Yes, really. Calvin + 8 more characters
I believe it was a shetland pony strapped to his back.
The bus stop in Miles City and at Bud and Bette’s in Terry was very interesting. I think Lyle (Wild Horse) Cunningham may have taken some literary license with the bank robbery story. I knew him from + 1366 more characters
I see that Trump’s venture into the internet arena with his “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” failed and died in less than a month. According to the obituary, it was preceded in death by Trump Airli + 321 more characters
Ten years from now Trump, if he's not worm food, will be more concerned with his Depends and whether his care givers are going to give him a cheeseburger or jello than national politics. [Edited by Ha + 28 more characters
What happened to the Republican party? I remember their harping on the necessity of being responsible for one’s actions. We now know that this touting the virtue of responsibility was nothing more tha + 1282 more characters
Antifa infiltrated the event, These Trump fans say, and they may soon implore us To recognize that guy whose Viking garb Was plainly a disguise. Was that George Soros? Calvin Trillin + 18 more characters
Why confine one’s disgust to the present governor? The legislature deserves credit as well. The legislative representatives recently provided us with op-eds and returned from Helena while patting them + 1248 more characters
Former Senator and Vice President Walter Mondale, at 93, has passed on. I actually hope he has been non compos mentis these past several years. He was a decent person who actually cared deeply for thi + 169 more characters
You guys make beer drinking sound enjoyable. I generally only drink beer in the morning, Pabst Blue Ribbon with V-8 juice, and freshly squeezed lime. This makes for a really good and nutritious breakf + 61 more characters
You guys are beer snobs. The ancient Greeks and Romans derided beer as inferior to its grape-based counterpart. The Roman historian, Tacitus, said "beer is a horrible brew fermented from barley or whe + 64 more characters
April 13, Senator Hoven (R-Great Falls) will bring a bill to the Senate Taxation committee that will request an interim study to design a statewide sales tax. How convenient, Giantfart and the Republi + 589 more characters
So the guy was at the doctor’s office. The doctor came into the room and said I’m sorry, but you have HAGS. The guy said HAGS, what is HAGS? The doctor said, it’s Herpes, Aids, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis + 247 more characters
On January 16, 2020, I had a letter in this Star that was entitled ‘Prepare for calamity if a Republican is elected for governor.’ I dislike platitudes such as I told you so. However, current news com + 2619 more characters
Someone has just enough religion in him to hate, but not enough to abide by the so-called Ten Commandments. Someone also has just enough intelligence to read and write, but not enough to realize that + 67 more characters
Republicans are imperiling everyone. Almost 50 percent of them are taking the position of not being vaccinated against the Covid virus. If they read or understand anything, they would know that the lo + 712 more characters
It's not irrigation or our aquifers that is the problem, the problem is acid rain. I have had a swimming pool for about 50 years. Thirty years ago rain had no effect on the ph of our pool. Starting ab + 206 more characters
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