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Before getting too excited that a public service commissioner will be here for a “listening” session on the proposed rate increase, one should consider what this session is about. The first problem is + 539 more characters
Hypocrite Giantfart is again taking credit for a program that he opposed and this time even vetoed. He killed $30 million for Habitat Montana to fund wildlife habitat, public trails, state parks, work + 233 more characters
Is everyone on this site or otherwise in Montana independently wealthy? If so, Giantfart is your favorite governor. If not, you may want to check out his latest body slam on Montanans. No it wasn’t so + 1104 more characters
Where was the Transgender swat team over last weekend at the Bucking Horse Sale? The rodeo clown was prancing around with inflated balloon boobs and wiggling his rear end at the crowd while wearing li + 215 more characters
I think the picture of John behind the bar could be he in the 2nd bar, later Barney’s Bar. I could be wrong as this is based upon my recollection of events about nearly 75 years ago. When I was in the + 378 more characters
And its going to get better for the consumers. Today’s Gazette revealed that the constitutional office of Consumer Counsel will now be under the control of the Republicans. The CC was established to + 379 more characters
That's right, another 19%!
I'm reading your history of Miles City. Today I read your Casper Strom bit. He was my maternal grandfather. I was 9 years old and in his bedroom when he came home from dancing at the Crossroads and di + 184 more characters
Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian propagandist whose channels were blocked by YouTube last year for violating the platform’s policies against inciting violence, sent an email to Tucker Carlson, calling him + 388 more characters
What did the Republicans accomplish during the chaotic four years of the Trump Administration? As usual, they focused on cutting taxes. Also, as usual, they promised that tax cuts would not require sl + 1669 more characters
The MAGAs certainly are a thin-skinned group. Freeman equates whatever inconvenience wearing a mask in public or having to be vaccinated for the protection of others to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. To equat + 641 more characters
According to the orange headed cockroach, the Manhattan Grand Jury was on a witch hunt. They may have been since the jury unearthed and indicted a Wiccan.
The 42 year old male Red Lored Amazon that lives with us is not interested in other birds. His affection is focused on my wife. This accounts for his hostility towards me. Don’t ever buy or acquire a + 80 more characters
For those who do not read the Billings Gazette I recommend the oped by Jim Goetz a few days ago. He pointed out some aspects to Kmetz’s HB 645 that we missed, especially the lack of reference to leech + 474 more characters
“Rosendale at least did denounce that group as dangerous (after the backlash), so he may not have known who they were.” I wouldn’t give Maryland Matt any slack. He ether knew or should have known who + 68 more characters
Anybody read the Gazette this AM? Maryland Matt Rosendale (Montana’s Representative?) Is pictured on the front page with Neo Nazis and other facists with a big grin on his face. When confronted, he de + 571 more characters
I worked in the summers of 1961 and 1962 for Agnes Nugent at Nugent’s Transfer and Storage. Nugent’s was located next to the old Northern Pacific Depot. I recall humping a heavy safe out of an upstair + 148 more characters
Save yourself the trip, you can testify via ZOOM. Just go to Montana.gov. Go to the box that says something like "Have your say." You'll have to sign up to testify by 5:00 the day before the committee + 213 more characters
Greg Kmetz certainly didn't write HB 645. As a full blown moron he is incapeable of understanding what it says or its effect. If it passes and Giantfart is sufficiently stupid to sign it Montana will + 90 more characters
Bob Phalen, Montana Taliban, led by Giantfart and the AG.
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Fourteen (14) foot. self bailing, white water raft for sale.  The break down 10 ft Carlyle Oars and break down rowing frame, with oar locks, included. This Northwest Expedition raft has never sat out + 460 more characters