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Zelensky recently asked of Putin’s Russia: “Do you still think that we are ‘one nation?’ Do you still think that you can scare us, break us, make us make concessions? You really did not understand any + 501 more characters
Overheard From Those Going Through The Boxes Found In Trump’s Basement “Some hamburger menus (some with stains) seems to be Right next to our plans for the South China sea.” “I’ve just come across som + 85 more characters
Too many good people are passing on. We attended the service for Jeri Dalbec this morning.
I’m not shunning anyone on this issue, however I am disappointed that Dick, based upon Obama’s inability to provide the national health care system he wanted, would equate Obama with serial liar Trump + 1629 more characters
Get real. Your graph is a sham. The 1994 ban was a limited ban and, in fact, mass killings are far greater in numbers now than during the limited ban. Further, your graph came from Epoch Time, a far-r + 392 more characters
My definition would be would be automatic or semi-automatic rifles capable of a muzzle velocity exceeding 1,200 feet per second, delivering kinetic energy of more 500 foot pounds and with a magazine c + 198 more characters
I didn’t need to look up any statistical history to know that after the 1994 ban expired there has been a proliferation of assault style, expanded magazine, rifles purchased in the United States. Furt + 1212 more characters
Even the mention of gun control debate in the House certainly brings out the fanaticism of some gun owners. I don’t entertain any silly notion that I need a semi automatic rifle capable of rapidly fir + 738 more characters
While listening to Republicans waxing eloquent about Second Amendment gun rights on the house floor yesterday, I was reminded of Archie Bunker’s anti gun control editorial on a TV episode of ‘All In T + 818 more characters
Four pieces of sh*t to make a whole turd.
No, an Orange Alert.
I'm wondering just how far the Republicans will want to take the ongoing insanity. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal from North Carolina Republicans that could drastically limit state cou + 648 more characters
A reading of the Affirmative Action Black Justice’s concurring opinion is an indication of just how far this insanity may go. His opinion is an invite to those who dislike same sex marriage, homosexua + 364 more characters
Cover up Bob Barr may be doing what he did the last time with Bush I. His advice to Bush I to pardon those running the Iran-Contra affair stopped the prosecution because it removed any reason to roll + 246 more characters
This President? You mean this former president. In both 2016 and 2020 Trump lost the popular vote by several million votes. In 2016 he managed to win the electoral college by wins in a few pivotal sta + 789 more characters
Having practiced law for 50 years, I realize that most of us have little occasion to become familiar with judicial candidates. I rise in support of Justice Ingrid Gustafson, Montana Supreme Court Jus + 1532 more characters
What are the Catholics going to do about their leader, Pope Francis? Has the Pope had his head in the sand the last several years? Last week he blamed NATO for Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. H + 294 more characters
Yes, the sales tax bills will be forthcoming from the Republican governor and legislature. Setting the stage for a sales tax, they first cut taxes for the wealthiest and out of state corporations, wre + 310 more characters
If this had hit us closer to the end of the month it may have caused a major cut in grasshoppers later on. But, better than that, if it had waited it could have knocked out the cotton production of ou + 33 more characters
In the late-forties I lived in a yellow two story house kitty-corner from the opera house. On the side facing 6th it had caved in to basement. On the backside it was partially still there and it was a + 190 more characters
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