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“They’re going to get the care they need. They’re going to make a beneficial life settlement by selling their life insurance policies to Coventry.” This advertisement was in my email this morning. M + 347 more characters
For some reason the Montana press liked Maryland Matt. When he was running for the House I could not get a paper to publish a letter to the editor adverse to him. The letter the Star wouldn't publish + 1379 more characters
Did you hear about the guy who is half Japanese and half Norwegian? Every December 7th he attacks Pearl Olson.
I don’t recall the widespread and continuous use of the term misinformation prior to the orange headed liar king’s arrival on the political stage. There was an article in the Gazette this morning enti + 324 more characters
I understand the Grizzly Quarterback and the two injured running backs are almost healthy again. How much are you wagering or willing to wager and, in view of rankings, how many points are you offerin + 2 more characters
“Money Talks” for sure, and it also corrupts .....how about the recent election in Virginia? Republican Youngkin, lent his campaign twenty million dollars and won. Does this bring up any memories of o + 681 more characters
In agreeing with Gunnar, the only question remaining is how much Republicans suck? Current events, including their response to January 6, pretty much establish that Republicans have lost any semblanc + 1424 more characters
The present Senate Filibuster, a gross anomaly of the original, where a Senator could delay a vote as long as he was addressing the Senate body, is destroying this country. We cannot have a productive + 988 more characters
Is it time for Republicans to consider changing the name of their party that is indicative of their extreme positions on issues facing citizens of this country? A recent poll found that about 50 perce + 999 more characters
Frank Hardy wrote “for the entire campaign and through the entire presidency, Trump and his supporters didn't present a single alternative. Trump's entire strategy was to add interstate competition to + 597 more characters
9-0films emerged again from the tank to enlighten us stating “in defense of the Republicans. Obamacare sucks.” His research bears witness to the Republicans assailing the Affordable Care Act on implod + 1162 more characters
9-0films states that congressional Republicans “are not nefarious or evil or anything like that.” Has 9-0films’ habitation been in a sensory deprivation tank for the past several years and especially + 611 more characters
Theaters...Yes, we had two on Main Street, the Liberty and Montana. On 8th Street, we had the Park Theater and on Highway 10 the Sunset Drive-in. The Penguin ice cream shop was owned and run in the 40 + 102 more characters
Joe Maga heard the anti-vaxxers say Dewormer, not the vaccine, kills those germs. Joe Maga died of Covid. Joe is gone. His body, though, remains quite free of worms. Calvin Trillin, The Nation.
The statistics are interesting, however relative to the virus and how we coping with it, they are more disgusting than interesting. The statistics serve notice to the ignorant, egocentric and selfish + 1371 more characters
Yes, I support Biden. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised by the right winger’s, including Trumper’s, failure to analyze an issue. It is much easier to just regurgitate Fox ‘news’ and Republican sound bi + 1559 more characters
A presidential coup? Did that seem silly? Well not, apparently, to Mark A. Milley. Who braced his troops because of thinking, “Will he?” So that’s how grave this coup threat was. Yes, really. Calvin + 8 more characters
I believe it was a shetland pony strapped to his back.
The bus stop in Miles City and at Bud and Bette’s in Terry was very interesting. I think Lyle (Wild Horse) Cunningham may have taken some literary license with the bank robbery story. I knew him from + 1366 more characters
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