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Mr. stable genius is feeling unloved so he is going on national TV. Because he is feeling unloved, I propose that he be provided the warm firm embrace of a straight jacket.
When we jail pea brain, we'll have to make sure his outfit is the right tint of jail house orange so it doesn't clash with his cheeto head.
Yes, cheese on it, everyone has to pay a sales tax. Think about it. If you have a problem understanding that a sales tax is regressive, spring for a calculator. Consider this simplistic example. Using + 1201 more characters
You people have been drinking the tainted koolaid put out by the Republicans. I don't care how you dress it up, a sales tax is a regressive tax that lands squarely on the backs of the middle class and + 21 more characters
Trump and his cronies are again calling for the privatization of the United States Postal Service and selling off our public lands. Our postal system, including Montana’s rural system, is imperiled. + 1394 more characters
As a lawyer, practicing 45 years, I have been involved in several matters that required contacting the State Auditor’s office. Most, if not all, involved an insurance company’s refusal to follow the l + 544 more characters
Maryland Matt is as stupid and uneducated as Trump. Neither one of them understands the difference between the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Citizenship class must have been sub-par at their pr + 14 more characters
Trump, the stable genius, at the start of hurricane season, moved almost $10,000,000 from disaster preparedness to chasing, catching and locking up Mexicans.
You do not have to be a God-fearing Christian to care about fellow man or woman or have a moral compass that is not mean spirited or racist. In fact, I’m afraid that a great number of the so-called Go + 80 more characters
Could a person take a crap in it?
BROWN v. GRENZ, (1953), 127 Mont. 49, 257 P.2d 246 Supreme Court of Montana. Hugh J. Lemire, Miles City, for appellant. Roland Colgrove, Miles City, for respondent. FREEBOURN, Justice. This is + 10474 more characters
Yesterday, in an interview, Trump was talking about what a great person Kim Jong Un is and especially what a strong leader he is. Trump actually said "he speaks and his people sit up at attention. I w + 170 more characters
What was the term again, deplorable?
Jon Tester had a duty to call BS on Trump's unqualified pick to lead the Veterans Administration. I am sick of gutless hypocritical Republicans’ unabashed support of their immoral lying leader. We nee + 410 more characters
The gun rally in Helena was an embarrassment to our state. What a bunch of stupid assholes. I really appreciated their position that everyone is safer when people are armed. Meanwhile the dip shits in + 85 more characters
Gunnar Emilsson wrote: “Sales tax needs to be added to complete the thrre-pronged [sic] tier of taxing income and property.” I don’t care how you sales tax proponents spin your regressive tax approac + 1551 more characters
Trump would have disregarded the extreme pain he was enduring from the corn on his toe and 'run' in there to confront the shooter.
You two, snowy and RR01, are a couple of sick trolls. You continually imply, by your mean spirited and ignorant diatribe, that anyone who needs assistance, including SSI, which happens to be insurance + 226 more characters
Your mother would be ashamed of you. Maybe even your father, if he really considered the stupidity of your rants.
This appointment is an insult and should greatly embarrass the Republicans. No one should graduate from law school or pass a bar exam without knowing that a motion in limine is to generally exclude ev + 268 more characters
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