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If anyone is interested in an exquisite bird show, I suggest that you show up at the corner of 5th and Main Street between 4:30 and about 4:50 P.M. There you will be treated to a Starling murmuration + 126 more characters
I take the comment about 11,000 jobs as a dig at the canceling of the XL pipeline. This figure is a gross exaggeration. Further, once a pipeline is in, employment, other than some maintenance employee + 1451 more characters
You know........The very rich and the very poor also have something in common. The law forbids the very rich and the very poor from sleeping in doorways, begging on the street corner and stealing brea + 17 more characters
Trump’s legacy is the damage he has done to American democracy. The mobs of Trump supporters, incited by him, laying siege to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, was the culmination of the destruction + 1680 more characters
Trump has definitely distinguished himself. The only president to have been impeached twice. Let us examine his resume, he ran twice, was elected once while losing the popular vote in both elections b + 154 more characters
Senators Hawley and Cruz, Yale and Harvard Law School graduates, respectively, might have given some additional thought before shooting off their mouths about election fraud. Knowing that repeating Tr + 1205 more characters
Actually, this is too serious an issue to waste one’s time in discourse or a back and forth with an illiterate moron. Have you noticed that Republican Congressional House and Senate members continue t + 1361 more characters
WHY IS TRUMP SO DESPERATE TO HANG ON TO THE JOB? iT'S AN EASY ANSWER 1. Campaign finance violations. Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted in 2018 that he arranged hush money payments using c + 3590 more characters
Parker's Bar, aka Parker's Super Service, has the only billiard table in town. And, yes, there is an overhead scoring rack, probably from Grants. So if you want to shoot billiards and drink cold beer, + 49 more characters
It certainly makes me proud that a Senator from Montana has joined the seditionist criminals. Daines and his Trump sycophant buddies are so patriotic that they would subvert the democratic process in + 592 more characters
The medical people who know what they’re doing have announced that at the present rate of vaccine distribution it will be 2024 before we have the target number vaccinated allowing us to return to any + 147 more characters
They probably weren't having coffee and discussing world events in the drugstore but were directly below in The Custer Club, owned and run by Billy Grogan. Grogan sold the club and moved to Billings w + 73 more characters
I remember The Texas Club, In the late 40s and 50s. It was owned and run by Herman Venable. After he sold it to Earl Kelly, Kelly reamed it kelly’s Gaslight and brought in the exotic dancers. I don’t + 583 more characters
Agent Orange took a short break from his criminal sedition activities this week. Rather than attempting to subvert democratic election results, he took a short break to golf and again demonstrate his + 57 more characters
Amorette, the people of which you speak, including present-day Republicans, are not conservatives. What is even the slightest bit conservative about the way they have been conducting themselves? They + 688 more characters
My understanding of the difference between sedition and treason, both repugnant activities, is treason consists of acts against the United States to help another country while sedition is fomenting an + 1837 more characters
My letter to our Attorney General. Feel free to deal with this subject as you will....... Tim Fox, Esq. Attorney General of Montana Office of the Attorney Ge + 830 more characters
David Schott wrote "akgreg56" vs "Jerry e" in a battle of wits. Does it get any better than this? As Groucho Marx said......... “Well, Art is Art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. A + 174 more characters
The only Banjo playing I want to hear is by John Hartford in his song Gentle On My Mind. RIP John Hartford.
Christopher Columbus? The second half of the 19th century starts in 1850.
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