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In his State of the State speech, Governor Gianforte said “Montanans overpaid * * * we need to give it back.” Gianforte’s proposed tax cut bill, SB 121, provides Montana families earning $23,000 to $1 + 257 more characters
Trump ran our economy into the barrow pit. Nearly one-forth of the national debt was incurred during Trump’s four year administration. The huge 2017 tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and corpora + 794 more characters
Two years ago yesterday, our nation watched in revulsion as a violent, extremist, and armed mob attacked the U.S. Capitol – fueled by conspiracy theories and BS about the 2020 election that the orange + 1046 more characters
Almost fifty years ago, in 1973, as attorney for the Montana Public Service Commission, I appeared and argued before the Montana Supreme Court representing the Commission. The dispute was between the + 2120 more characters
Misinformation again - looking back, before the Administration of the orange headed con man, I don’t recall the press constantly using the term misinformation rather than the correct terms, lies or ly + 849 more characters
We said when we ran that we’d make this place great. We’ll honor that pledge, but right out of the gate. Inflation, the border, will have to wait. We need to nab Hunter before it’s too late. Calvin + 8 more characters
What’s out there, Dad, perhaps another utility rate increase? The Public Service Commission, led by the political hack who the Republicans, including the governor and Daines, wanted on our Supreme Cou + 1824 more characters
Yes, just like Maryland Matt Rosendale did in claiming residence in Maryland, for tax purposes, while running for office in Montana. The odd thing about it is I couldn't get one newspaper to publish m + 55 more characters
After the Griz dispatch Southeastern Mo. State they'll travel to Fargo to play NDSU so I can win my 6th bottle of Makers Mark off my brother-in-law on Bison (Montana Griz/Cat)games.
I don’t believe Rosendale or Zinke have even thought about a legislative agenda in the next Congress. Rosendale and Zinke, after being elected to represent Montana as Representatives in Congress, have + 980 more characters
Nationally, the media's Red tsunami has turned into, at most, a trickle, and perhaps, not even a trickle.
Moral? Stir me another Makers Mark Manhattan, up, with a dash of Pachaud's bitters and a cheery, but hold the cherry juice.
My favorite Jerry Lee for the past 3 days...."Don't put no headstone on my grave," (I want a monument)
He was owner of Klamm's Bar. Seventy five plus years ago it was located on the corner of Leighton and Highway 10, just down from Barney's Bar, now a landscaping business. Klamm's had a round bar and s + 105 more characters
Not to beat a dead horse, but is anyone else fed up with politicians continually spouting ca ca about being a 3rd or 4th generation Montanan like James Brown, the politician running against Justice In + 409 more characters
After reading the September 13th front page Star article on James Brown, who is running for the Montana Supreme Court against Justice Ingrid Gustafson, as well as a recent Star political ad and letter + 2891 more characters
Zelensky recently asked of Putin’s Russia: “Do you still think that we are ‘one nation?’ Do you still think that you can scare us, break us, make us make concessions? You really did not understand any + 501 more characters
Overheard From Those Going Through The Boxes Found In Trump’s Basement “Some hamburger menus (some with stains) seems to be Right next to our plans for the South China sea.” “I’ve just come across som + 85 more characters
Too many good people are passing on. We attended the service for Jeri Dalbec this morning.
I’m not shunning anyone on this issue, however I am disappointed that Dick, based upon Obama’s inability to provide the national health care system he wanted, would equate Obama with serial liar Trump + 1629 more characters
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Senator Jon Tester is meeting with veterans at the Armory in Miles City this Friday at 3:00 P.M on Veterans mental health issues and at 4:00 P.M. on Veteran rural health care issues.