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A reading of the Affirmative Action Black Justice’s concurring opinion is an indication of just how far this insanity may go. His opinion is an invite to those who dislike same sex marriage, homosexua + 364 more characters
Cover up Bob Barr may be doing what he did the last time with Bush I. His advice to Bush I to pardon those running the Iran-Contra affair stopped the prosecution because it removed any reason to roll + 246 more characters
This President? You mean this former president. In both 2016 and 2020 Trump lost the popular vote by several million votes. In 2016 he managed to win the electoral college by wins in a few pivotal sta + 789 more characters
Having practiced law for 50 years, I realize that most of us have little occasion to become familiar with judicial candidates. I rise in support of Justice Ingrid Gustafson, Montana Supreme Court Jus + 1532 more characters
What are the Catholics going to do about their leader, Pope Francis? Has the Pope had his head in the sand the last several years? Last week he blamed NATO for Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. H + 294 more characters
Yes, the sales tax bills will be forthcoming from the Republican governor and legislature. Setting the stage for a sales tax, they first cut taxes for the wealthiest and out of state corporations, wre + 310 more characters
If this had hit us closer to the end of the month it may have caused a major cut in grasshoppers later on. But, better than that, if it had waited it could have knocked out the cotton production of ou + 33 more characters
In the late-forties I lived in a yellow two story house kitty-corner from the opera house. On the side facing 6th it had caved in to basement. On the backside it was partially still there and it was a + 190 more characters
Is anyone else fed up with Republicans spreading misinformation (lies)? Now its Biden is the cause of our sky rocketing gas prices when the cause is primarily price gouging by the oil companies couple + 1344 more characters
I think it is more likely that it was taken at Keglers, located on the east side of 7th Street between Main and Bridge. My recollection is that it was across the alley from the Wibaux Building. In 194 + 105 more characters
Your correct. Its just west of Springdale and east of the Highway 89 exit to Clyde Park. I drive to Missoula quite often and I have calculated that just beyond this curve its half way to Missoula, abo + 29 more characters
“Posted by a dumb ass, racist, environmental hating, Putin / Trump loving Republican.” There are some people not deserving of life in a Democratic Republic and then, again, there are some that just a + 711 more characters
Is anyone alarmed that the Olympic games in China, bring to mind, deja vous if you will, the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany? Amid a national and international rising wave of fascism we have a major pol + 781 more characters
I remember the institution well, I was an inmate of the Montana State Industrial School, now the Pine Hills School for Boys. I was first sent to the State School in March 1958, at the age of 17, and r + 1837 more characters
“They’re going to get the care they need. They’re going to make a beneficial life settlement by selling their life insurance policies to Coventry.” This advertisement was in my email this morning. M + 347 more characters
For some reason the Montana press liked Maryland Matt. When he was running for the House I could not get a paper to publish a letter to the editor adverse to him. The letter the Star wouldn't publish + 1379 more characters
Did you hear about the guy who is half Japanese and half Norwegian? Every December 7th he attacks Pearl Olson.
I don’t recall the widespread and continuous use of the term misinformation prior to the orange headed liar king’s arrival on the political stage. There was an article in the Gazette this morning enti + 324 more characters
I understand the Grizzly Quarterback and the two injured running backs are almost healthy again. How much are you wagering or willing to wager and, in view of rankings, how many points are you offerin + 2 more characters
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