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The size of the Court needs to be increased so I wouldn’t call it packing the Court. The Supreme Court’s case load clearly warrants adding two more justices. In fact the entire federal judiciary needs + 349 more characters
For all knuckle dragging illiterate morons who believe it is impossible to develop a vaccine for a virus might want to recall a viral disease that paralyzed a couple of my childhood friends. Poliomyel + 350 more characters
Last week Phillip Dupaul thought the "COVID scare" was exaggerated. But he was pretty unnerved on Monday when the other inmates in his holding cell at the Cascade County Detention Center began laughin + 1811 more characters
The Democratic Headquarters is at 516 Bridge Street and the person there is Austin Pope. The phone # is 852-2414. If you contact him someone will probably deliver and, if you need help, even put up wh + 20 more characters
Is it Matt for Montana or Maryland Matt for Matt? To understand how unsuitable and unfit Matt Rosendale is to be the Congressional Representative for Montana, one only needs to take a cursory look at + 1513 more characters
For several years Daines has touted the proposed Keystone pipeline (Senate Bill-1), as the big jobs bill and how safe it would be crossing major rivers and aquifers in Montana and our sister states. H + 1447 more characters
It is a misnomer to call the current so-called Republicans conservatives. They are anything but conservative. They are extremist sociopaths or psychopaths.
If Senator Daines cared about rural Montana he would have been working to keep our USPS financially solvent, thereby protecting the existence of Montana’s rural post offices. Instead, he offered the l + 1324 more characters
Jerry e wrote: Some country's shoot people interning illegally. What a good deterrent that would be. Cheaper than a wall ? Having decided not to engage in any dialog with illiterate morons, I have b + 401 more characters
Before it was KATL it was KRJF.
Mister business man, he said proof he could be Commander in Chief. But, even his unenlightened base, now see he travels the road of liar and thief. Patriot draft evader failing our troops a traitor, c + 199 more characters
I generally support the candidacy of Libertarians because votes for them come mostly from Republican types. If Libertarians were in power and had their way the country would certainly change its compl + 420 more characters
I’ve decided to not waste my time in any thread in which Cnn participates. He or she is either scamming people on this site or is actually an illiterate moron.
Of course there is no independent evidence that Trump has been taking hydroxychloroquine. There is only his claim that he has been taking it. Talk about fake news. Trump’s claim is just another lie by + 19 more characters
The 50s had both the 60s and the 70s beat. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the city was no holds barred, open gambling, real nite clubs with live music,and even prostitution.
I hope that some who post here are not the product of the Miles City school system. If they are, we taxpayers should take a close look at who is hiring English teachers. The recent illiterate posts on + 139 more characters
Shu Pius wrote: “While Trump uttering the quote "grab them by the pu**y" is, indeed a vulgar and distasteful thing to say, they're just words. They don't constitute a physical act, such as assault...” + 198 more characters
Agent orange fans, before genuflecting at the Trump altar, need to take a realistic look at him, try reading and layoff the Fox koolaid. Trump scorns science, promotes cuts in medical research, renew + 1455 more characters
Like Bridgier, I would like to see the authority for comments that Democrats are holding up the stimulus package on climate change issues. The only support for that position that I am aware of is in a + 45 more characters
Obviously, a small amount of information can be a problem for some people. MCA, §45-8-111, stated above, is taken directly from the Montana Code Annotated and was cited by Shipley as authority? In Mon + 276 more characters
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