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To add to the living relatives, I believe Helen Lundby is the daughter of Davina Peden Fulton.
It appears that David Peden has two great grand daughters who live in Montana. Dotty Cauthron Watts(husband Herbert) in Livingston and Roberta Mae Cauthron in Bozeman. Great great grzndsons Kenneth Wa + 238 more characters
Hard to believe it has been 10 years since our 4th of July Celebration began. Also hard to believe it's almost here!! Part of the entertainment after this year's parade will be the Patriotic Musical w + 373 more characters
Hi Mary! Yes!!! We will start rehearsals later in May. I don't think it will take very many to get back up to snuff. We'll more than likely do them on Sunday at noon, as I am only in town on weekends. + 77 more characters
I have a couple of things to share....Even though the 4th of July is a ways away, I want to give folks a heads up. It will be the 10th anniversary of our little celebration, which isn't so little anym + 1043 more characters
Once again, the First Baptist Church will be providing a free BBQ in the park after the parade. We will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs and brauts - or is it brats? I never know.....Anyway, we're exci + 598 more characters
A bit off topic, but I am drinking a Bakken Bock Dark Doppelbock right now. It just hit the shelves over here this week, and it's not too bad!! It's selling really well....I got the last 6 pack tonigh + 29 more characters
I believe that there are several Miles City teams participating in Shape Up Montana. Perhaps this would be a good activity for those teams to do as a group and earn extra points as well as showing sup + 21 more characters
It seems as if Miles City is already experiencing some of the benefits of the Bakken boom. I know of a lot of people that are coming to Miles City to shop rather than going to Dickinson or Williston. + 1468 more characters
It had just been purchased and was being renovated. Was going to be a Don Pedro's. What a bummer.....I was looking forward to it.
I'm not in Miles City, so am curious........Well?????
check out
I learned a lot about ticks after nearly croaking from a tick bite. I can even identify their sex!!!At any rate, I learned that they "inject" a glue like substance into their victim, which is why ther + 175 more characters
First Baptist Church, with the help of the CCDHS Band is gearing up for the free BBQ in the park tomorrow. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Brats, Pepsi Products, Tea and Lemonade. Donations are greatly apprecia + 173 more characters
Don't forget the First Baptist Church free barbecue in the park right after the parade. As usual, we'll be serving hamburgers, hotdogs and brauts. We'll also have soft drinks, iced tea and lemonade fo + 311 more characters
When I was in the oil business, I always joked my tombstone would say "Plugged and abandoned". Hmmmm....I still kind of like it.
In the early 70's, I think Frontier flew a Convair turbo prop. I could be wrong, but I think it was a 580???? In the late 70's they switched to the Twin was a much smoother ride and a heck + 18 more characters
And speaking of Relay.......Hope you all are planning on coming out Friday night for the festivities. Just a quick rundown of some of what is going on: First Baptist Church food booth (all proceeds go + 631 more characters
The brauts came from Food Services. I'm pretty sure they were the company brand.
Thank you to everyone who came to the First Baptist Church BBQ in the park. Counting the sandwich buns we had left - minus a dropped one here and there - looks like we served just at 950 people!! Than + 143 more characters
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