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Its a shame that Mid-Rivers didn't tape the BHS parade this year. There are a lot of home bound people in Miles City that enjoy watching it LIVE on TV.
Jerry's refrigeration is a great business. They just serviced our Air conditioner a few days ago.
Has anyone ever seen a cream colored Squirrel. The body is cream colored, the legs and tail are light red. This particular Squirrel had little ones and we have noticed one out of the three babies is a + 81 more characters
We live 3 1/2 miles out in the valley. We had hail, quarter size and smaller. Our rain guage had a 1/2 inch of rain in it after the storm.
I haven't noticed a shortage of pigeons. Drive under the underpass
The paper finally came, yea. Thanks Jeff.
Was just up to the mail box a few minutes ago, still not there at 2:00 P.M.. We are 3 1/2 miles from town.
Everyone here in the valley has not received their Miles City Star for Friday July the 26th.. Called M.Abbot also,no answer! No one answers their phone for the Star circulation dept. either. Would be + 57 more characters
Main Street Grind is a social spot also. Has good coffee and baked goods also.
One of the best places in town is Unique Creations! Good Coffee and a lot more.
Goo-Gone works great also.
I wouldn't call him morbidly obese.
I know a family here in Miles City that would like their father placed in a nursing home, here in Miles City, so that he would be close by them. Both nursing homes refuse to take him because he is ove + 35 more characters
Just stating the facts as they were Duffy!
What do you expect!! He ran all the time! We used to live neighbors to Newt. I'm sure all the neighbors in our old neighborhood would verify this. I don't think he was ever penned or on a leash.
It starts at home. Take away all children's violent playstation games, t.v. movies, etc. that have been a babysitter for parents who couldn't care less what their children do. They learn at an early a + 88 more characters
Maybe, if Mike were the Good Neighbor, and quit trying to make stress for himself and his neighbors. Remove the barriers, which are probably on Aye's property anyway. Get the property lines surveyed!! + 76 more characters
We live 3 1/2 miles out in the valley and we received 1" and 4 tenths. What a nice rain. Lots of wind and lightening and thunder. Very little hail. rjg
I guess I really just need to say, A person needs to be a person of their word.
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