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No the land value itself has not increased but the location of that land has new flood regulations so a majority of the available parcels you can't build on anyway unless you want your front steps 3 t + 2818 more characters
I did not mean to sound condicending sorry howdy and sorry Wendy. As for the insurance question I was just very surprised that some are not as informed as others. Talk to an agent and it doesn't have + 2625 more characters
Are you really asking me that seriously? Renters insurance is not only protection for the renter as far as liability and personal property coverage but also provides the landlord with a policy that pr + 1316 more characters
website please to check it out...we are in montana LOL! Always looking for good food.
Wow thanks- that was not the responses that I expected. Way appreciate that! K.D.: I am totally with you! Thanks REAPER: Nope- purchased our home less than 10 years ago. Believe me we searched and wor + 5534 more characters
Sorry, there is no "long story short" with this topic... No disrespect intended here but I've seen enough posts that I think this is warranted- some of you will appreciate it and of course the usual n + 8288 more characters
Sorry to hear about your care and also sorry that things have not changed since they damn near orphaned my children. Only difference now I guess is that you at least get calls from the billing departm + 281 more characters
Everyone seems to also forget the 519. Great service, great cook! Everone referrs to the "old cattle-ac"- well that cook is now the cook at the 519. Awesome steaks of all kinds, pasta, seafood..They a + 339 more characters
As a former checker at walmart: on a daily basis half the scheduled checkers do not show up for work. Walmart has a never ending daily hiring of checkers- they hire people- those people get scheduled- + 1456 more characters
Or we can just rename it "Valley Dive". That stuff has needed to be removed for years and its just now being noticed? Really?
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