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I would like to nominatee Jason Hirsh. I can't think of a Linebacker that played the position any better or hard. I would also like to nominatee David Phipps, Two time All-State linebacker, Steve Phip + 522 more characters
Big Rollin Turd
Was there ever a Godfathers Pizza in Miles City? I think there was, but I can't remember. If there was one it didn't last very long and if it was here I think it might have been after Little Big Mans + 29 more characters
It is sad that Miles City doesn't have a high school softball team. They had a very good program the last time the school board vote it down. It is my understanding that they had funding for softball + 352 more characters
Sorry I was tired and I dont type very well. I meant to say they didn't deserve the shit I put them threw, but they never let me quite or take the easy way out. I apologize for being a difficult stude + 3 more characters
I would have to say MR. Raymond, Mr Veis, and Mrs. Plowman. They put up with alot of junk from me and they pushed me to never quite. They didn't deserve the hell in out them threw and I apologize for + 106 more characters
To get the best road report call 511. It will help you in your traveling questions.
The first thing that everyone needs to do when they come to mc.com is skip past all of brian reed's post. It will save time and brain cells. This is a talented team and they will so everyone in the fu + 246 more characters
The Stower street is a good thing. It is a very good tool to help people get around town. It should have be done when the State did Strevell and Wilson. It would have been overlayed with new curb and + 374 more characters
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