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Hi, I taught Philosophy years ago. I recommended the book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintence" to my students. That was nearly 30 years ago, and I STILL get letters from them! Travelers [motor + 356 more characters
Hi, My father {now 94 years old and still living in his own home} was working in O'Connel's during the early 1930's. He still talks about it. Les Snavely, Milwaukee RR history man.
Hi Mr. Davis, from the researcher of the Milwaukee Road, I'm working on listing ALL of the Milw Road employees on the Trans-Missouri Division. Miles City had about a thousand. What was your Dad's name + 131 more characters
Hi Terry, Yes, it sounds like you have some of the Milwaukee information that I have been looking for. It is estimated that about 3,000 people worked for the Milwaukee on the Trans-Missouri Division. + 495 more characters
Hello Betty O'Brien, I just read your note of 2004 on the Milwaukee Railroad. Could you give me the names of your father, grandfather and father-in-law? I'm writing about the Milwaukee; especially + 84 more characters
Thanks, Kacey, for the information. I will certainly track down the collection in Billings. Thanks again. Les.
Thanks Mary Pat Brady Young for the BRADY info. I have checked on the Wool House Collection. Seems that it has been sold, but I will continue to track it down. Thanks again. Les.
Thanks A.A., I would really like to research those records. They might be extremely helpful. I will contact you to make an appointment at your convenience. Thanks again. Les
Hi, Thanks for the information on Art Pembroke. I will search for the dates. Thanks again. Les
I'm working on a history of the CMStP&PRR [Milwaukee Road] Trans-Missouri Division. Specifically, the towns and the Milwaukee employees from Mobridge,SD, to Harlowton, MT. Miles City was a big part o + 392 more characters
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