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depends if its a dominate issue and what the dog is doing to the cat?
I'm glad Huckleberry was found! Yes, they are escape artists! Mine escapes all the time! Thinking its time to get him microchiped! Jasper has disappeared for a week this past few months and then he di + 78 more characters
Natalie does wonders! She has great stock! We bought 3 of our border collies from her and we couldn't be happier with them!
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There is a deskunk spray and wash you can buy at Murdoch's that is safe on pets and in your home! We always keep it on hand at our home due to the dogs already running into contact with those little b + 460 more characters
I agree with Dan! Well said!! Back to the orginal post that started this discussion! I'm not saying what happened is the correct way to handle expired tags. But I do know that if you gave attidute + 631 more characters
Contact DEAP they will have a list of all current daycare's in the area and also openings that each would currently have.
Thanks for the feedback, keep them coming.
Coming across high school ideas for sports for their lockers, tourney's and such is hard because of the lack of availilty we have here. I personally sell scrapbooking items out of my home through a c + 360 more characters
Sounds good guys keep the advise going, i need to work on a business plan and go from there... but keep ideas coming plz!
I was wondering if anyone out there would like to give me ideas on holding crop nites, locations (what would be the best location, time), also what type of things they would like to see sold at a plac + 988 more characters
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